Saturday, September 28, 2013

Date Day

It was a gloomy day with a sky full of rain clouds, but we still thought we would venture to Dallas for a little football.  Lizee stayed home to play with the boys, while Emily, Jeffery, John Chris, and myself headed out for a little bit of fun.  We knew we were going to get wet, so we stopped in to purchase ponchos.  Even though it poured, we had a great time laughing, visiting, and watching football.  LaTech lost to Army, but it was fun to have a day with grown ups. 

Firecracker Soccer

Ryland has completely changed his thoughts about soccer.  He was all about tearing up the field with his friends.  He did a great job defending the goal, taking the ball down the field, and having an awesome time.  He couldn't stop talking about how much fun it was this time.  We are happy to see this change in him, and the ride home was much nicer this go around.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Rangers game

John Chris had great seats for the Rangers game, so I couldn't let a little pain get in the way.  We had family in town, so we all loaded up for a fun evening at the ballpark.  We expected to make it about half the game, but the boys were having a blast. 
Love that smile!  Ryland was really into the game and atmosphere was perfect for him.  He cheered, danced, and had an absolute blast.

Reed hung in there to the end, which was around 11:00.  I am sure the sweets helped keep him going.  We had a wonderful evening, and the Rangers won!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Labor & Delivery Triage

What a day!  I signed the boys in at school, dropped off a bunch of birthday goodies for Reed's teacher (since I volunteered to be room mom), immediately went to a curriculum meeting for Ryland, ran out to my truck to return a phone call, ran back in the church for MOPS, two hours later, I sped to MiChula's to pick up teacher lunch, and headed back to church to deliver the food.  At this point, I am running crazy, but the pain I have been having over the past two weeks had gotten to a debilitating state. 

Well, without going into details, a potty break uncovered an issue that had to be addressed immediately.  After a conversation with my doctor's nurse, I was told to go to the hospital.  I spent the afternoon, night, and next day at Baylor in labor & delivery.  I had kidney stones.  I could not believe that I suffered through the pain and didn't realize it was something bigger. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pallet time

The boys love to sleep on a pallet together.  I was such a sucker tonight, and I caved even though it was a school night.  John Chris was out of town, and I was just plain worn out and lazy.  After baths we got comfy to watch an episode, and the boys were asleep in 10 minutes. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Checking on Baby

I went in for my monthly visit to check on the baby.  I mentioned that I was in pain and had been uncomfortable for the past few days.  The doctor assured me that the baby was fine, and an ultrasound confirmed that she was happy.  I love the second shot of her hand and foot.  I just can't wait to hold her.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Firecracker Soccer

Ryland started soccer this Saturday, and it was an experience.  He complained about everything.  "The sun is in my eyes.  I have a headache.  I can't breathe.  The bugs are biting me.  My arm itches.  He took the ball from me.  He won't share the ball."  Oh yes, it was that awesome.  All of the complaints came with all out crying, drooling, and snot.  He cried and screamed while he was on the field and while on the sidelines.  Absolutely ridiculous.  We stayed to cheer on the team, but we are going to have to chat on the way home. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yellow Day

It was yellow day at school, and I just love the boys in yellow.  They are little sun shines and their smiles brightened my day.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Boys weekend

The boys headed to Louisiana to have some fun in the country.  I was a little shocked when I received the picture of their catch.  That is a big gator!
Ryland & Reed walked through some thick, yucky mud, and they loved every moment of it.
Showing off a snake.

Brotherly love.  Reed helps Ryland clean off his cap.

The camp has a huge tree that all the guys got inside just to see how many people would fit.  It held 15 guys.  The boys were amazed at the huge tree.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CHCS First Day

The first day of preschool went very well.  Ryland and Reed were excited to play and learn with new friends.  Ryland was all grins, and Reed was all about seeing his classroom.  They both went in without tears and with smiles on their faces.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sleep confetti

Ryland's teachers sent an envelope with instructions to open the night before school started.  Ryland opened the envelope to find this cute rhyme and lots of confetti.
He was very excited to try out the sleep confetti and excited about his first day. 
I just love Chapel Hill Children's School.  They make everything so stinking special.

Monday, September 2, 2013

"Mint" to be

The boys and I were getting ready for the first day back to preschool, and we put together these little teacher gifts.  While we assembled the gifts, we talked about new teachers, new friends, and lots of new fun.  Mint soap and gum with a cute tag, "You are mint to be my teacher".