Saturday, December 26, 2009

Louisiana family

On the road again....... We loaded up and headed to Ruston to see JC's family. Even though it is the day after Christmas, it is Christmas here.

Ryland, our little gift, thought the bow was funny. He smiled and laughed as he tore into his gift from Aunt Emily and Uncle Jeffery.
Spongebob Band-Aids. Just what every destructive boy needs.

Hanging with the fam

Crazy Uncle Pat is always a ton of fun.
Great Grandma Bobby gives great hugs.
We stopped by to see Great Grandmother Sue, and she was sweet enough to help feed Ryland.
These guys would not give me smile. I guess it is a guy thing.
Great Poppy Ben and Ryland


The elephant towel was a Christmas gift from the Gleasons. We thought he looked so darn adorable.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas evening in Texarkana

We loaded everything up and hit the road for Christmas in Texarkana with my family. We always start off the celebration with a Chinese gift exchange. John Chris was lucky to receive a Christmas apron and exfoliating shower cloves. Just what he wanted!

Aunt Kristi and Uncle Clint take turns opening their gifts.
Ryland had a huge stack of presents. He was very happy to get a new Spongebob Squarepants.
Nana opened her special gift from Ryland. He gave her a gold pendant with a R and an aquamarine which is his birthstone.
A very happy little boy. He is loving every moment of the chaos.
Uncle Clint and Aunt Kristi gave Ryland a bunch of fun toys. He can't wait to get his hands on those huge building blocks.
Big Green Egg tools. John Chris was in need of some grill tools, and he hit the jackpot.
Surprise! Nana had no idea what we had bought her, and she was so pleased. She had mentioned that she would love to have new wood blinds, and we were excited to make her happy. Enjoy!

Christmas morning

We had a wonderful Christmas morning!
We missed Santa Claus, but he brought Ryland all kinds of cool toys.
We had breakfast and opened gifts while we listened to Christmas carols. It was by far one of my favorite days ever.
I am helping Ryland push and walk with his new toy. We think this will help him learn to walk, but it is not helpful on the wood floors. It rolls too fast for Ryland to keep up.
Loving every moment. Ryland could not decide which toy to play with.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


It is snowing! It is really snowing!
I just heard on the news that this is the first white Christmas Eve in 80 years in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area.
It is absolutely beautiful!
We had about 2 inches on the back patio at this point. The ground was still a little warm, so the brick hasn't frozen yet. The roads are still drivable, but it doesn't look like it is letting up.

Gifts from Grandpa Dave

Grandpa Dave gave Ryland an alphabet train. It plays lots of songs and has tons of letter blocks. Ryland's favorite part is the chute on the engine.
We were so lucky to have a few days with my Dad before he had to head back home. We had our Christmas gift exchange, and Ryland continued to be fascinated by the wrapping paper.

Me, Ryland, and Grandpa Dave

Grandpa Dave had some fun at the toy store, and he hooked Ryland up with big and noisy toys. Funny thing is, he told us he wanted the big, loud toys. Very funny!

The first spin in the Radio Flyer red wagon.

Cooper had to join in the wagon fun. We can't wait to have some warm weather to take this wagon out for a real spin.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

9 month photos

A sneak peak at Ryland's 9 month pictures. He was really happy today, and he was acting silly. He was not too excited about his shirt and vest, but we made it work. This is the first set of pictures that he is wearing shoes. He is getting so big!

Picking flowers

I had to capture this little moment. He was picking flowers on the living room rug. He is so happy and content.

I wish I knew what he was thinking. Deep thoughts with Ryland.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas gift exchange with grandparents

Ryland was in a great mood today. He loves having family over!

Grandmothers are awesome! The extra set of hands is wonderful.

Ryland did not quite understand how to open the first gift, but he caught on quickly. He loved to rip the paper off.We plan on reading Twas the Night Before Christmas every year on Christmas Eve. The book has beautiful illustrations.

He loved the wrapping paper.

John Chris and I have been collecting Old World ornaments for the past several years and now Ryland has joined our collecting. He received a baby with a rubber ducky. He was very intrigued by the shiny object, but he wanted to put it in his mouth.
A retro rocket! This is just the cutest toy. It has a few buttons that say things like "asteroid ahead" and "3 - 2 - 1 lift off". It even shakes a little and the back lights up when it lifts off.

Ryland can't quite push the rocket yet, so John Chris pushed him around. It is too funny because he practically lays down on his stomach, and it reminds me of a motorcycle rider.
Thanks for the cool new toy. Grandparents rock!

Ryland's Baptism

We celebrated the baptism of our son today. We are very blessed to have a precious little boy, supportive family, and fantastic friends.
The church was decorated with beautiful red and cream poinsettias which made a perfect photo backdrop for us.
Ryland remained calm and collected, but he was very curious.
"Who is this guy? What is he wearing? Why is he touching me? and what is he putting on my head?"
Ryland's expression is too funny!
This little moment of me just watching.

What a beautiful day. The weather was clear and perfect.

John Chris, me, Nanna, Uncle Clint, and Aunt Kristi

Uncle Clint, Grandpaw Dave, me, and Ryland.
Uncle Clint is also Ryland's Godfather.
Randy, Liz, John Chris, Ryland, and me
We also had some friends attend the Baptism.
Brad and Chanda
Jim and Jane