Monday, October 31, 2011


We had a great night trick-or-treating! John Chris and I decided to dress up as pirates and join in the fun. We set sail down our street to rob the neighbors of their loot. Everyone loved that the whole family was decked out, and the boys' pirate ship was awesome. We headed home to enjoy the rest of the night by handing out candy, and checking out the cool costumes.

This was the best Halloween ever!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween parade & party

Our neighborhood had its annual Halloween parade and party today. We had a blast cruising around with the others while onlookers cheered and wished us all a happy Halloween. The boys enjoyed being outside in the beautiful weather with all the festivities.
The local fire department brought over a truck and an ambulance for the children to admire. We parked the ship and anchored down, so daddy could make some adjustments to our mast.

Reed thought Ryland's shiny sword was amazing. After a little sweet talking, Ryland let him play with for just a second.

We all enjoyed some food and ice cream then headed back home. Ryland was being a silly pirate and wanted to roll around in the grass in our yard. I guess he was happy to see the ground after his maiden voyage. Or just silly!

Finished pirate ship

We named the finished pirate ship, Bad to the Bone. She is complete with red lights, pirate flag, parrot, skull, spooky netting, and cannons. We had a terrific time making this ship, and the boys love it. We might have gone a tad bit overboard (ha ha), but it was worth it!

Skull painting

We picked up a few little decorations for the final touches on the pirate ship. Ryland's eyes lit up when I told him we were going to paint. He was very serious about making sure he covered the smallest spots. He is in deep artistic thought.
He then realized I was taking pictures, so he decided to be silly.

The skull is almost done. It looks so creepy in this photo, but it turned out really cute. He painted the outside white, and I came back and ragged it to add a little texture. Even though we created a bit of a mess, it was fun to work on this craft.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our pumpkins

Reed models his pumpkin bib with a huge smile.

I could hear Ryland telling Reed about pumpkins, so I peaked down the hall. Ryland had his mini pumpkin on Reed's walker, and they were just a chatting. Then Reed tried to take a bite, and the sweet moment turned into screams.

Friday, October 28, 2011

So big so fast

Today was one of those days. It was another reminder of how quickly my boys are going up. I was met by Reed standing up in his crib after nap. We knew he was working on it and would soon advance from his knees to his feet. He was so proud of himself.

While out running errands, both boys sat happily in the shopping cart. I couldn't believe that enjoyed it so much. Reed watched his brother, and Ryland helped me find the items on our list.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Matching pj"s

We had a cold blast of weather come through, so we pulled out the footed pj's to keep the boys warm. Nana gave Ryland and Reed these adorable green puppy pajamas, and they loved them. They really liked the puppies on the feet. So darn cute!
While trying to get the boys to ready for bed, one of Cooper's toys ended up in the plastic pumpkin bucket. He tried to get it himself and his head was stuck.

Ryland to the rescue. He pulled the pumpkin off Cooper's head while we all had a good laugh.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Working late

I still haven't installed the scanner on my new laptop, so the old one had to come out to complete one more task. I ran to my office to place the document in the scanner, and I returned to Reed attempting to help me out. I love the sleepy look on his face. It looks like he has had a long day at the office and is trying to finish that last email.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Going to Nana's house

Our suitcase from the trip to meet Ally has been sitting in the floor for the past few days. I finally got around to emptying it out and putting it up today. Ryland helped me empty it pretty quickly by throwing all the stuff on the floor and jumping inside. After seeing this fun, Reed wanted in on the fun too. Both of them laughed hysterically while sitting in the empty suitcase.
I told them I was going to zip them up - Where do you want to go?
Ryland answered - Nana's house.
I thought this was so cute. We spent the next hour playing in the bedroom floor and talking about all the places we could go.

Ryland once again got in on the picture taking, by snapping this shot of Reed.

Play group at Botanical Garden

Our play group met at the Botanical Garden today. All the kids had a blast playing with the pumpkins and on the playground.
Who can lift the heavy pumpkins?

Reed and Keaton check out the big fish.

The fish started swimming to us when they noticed the treats we had. They loved the Rice Crispy treats.

Reed enjoys the pumpkins, too.

Harker and Ryland smile for the camera.

Then they start climbing the statue. They ended the morning by rolling in the wet grass. It was time to head home for a dry change of clothes.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Meeting Ally

The boys and I made a trip to Texarkana to meet Ally. I am thrilled to have a niece, and she is absolutely precious.
Kristi and Clint are great parents and are obviously in love with their daughter.

Ryland gives his cousin, Ally, a kiss.

Uncle Clint entertains Ryland

Reed is a crawling machine.

Carving a pumpkin

Ryland was really excited about pumpkins this year. He reminded me for days that we were going to the pumpkin patch. He was thrilled to hear that we were carving the pumpkin today. I cut a hole in the top while he told me all about the seeds that we would find inside. When the top came off, he wasn't interested in digging or touching the pumpkin. He refused to clean out the inside. John Chris and I showed him the seeds, but he wasn't buying it. I drew a simple face on the pumpkin, and Ryland and Daddy cut it out. Voila! The perfect jack-o-lantern.

Making a pirate ship

Somewhere in the discussion of Halloween costumes for this year a pirate ship came up. I thought it would be cute and easy since the boys were dressing up as pirates. I had envisioned a cardboard ship attached to the red wagon. John Chris and I talked about it, and he mentioned he had the perfect box at work.He brought the box home, and I quickly realized it was bigger than I was thinking. A LOT BIGGER!

John Chris and I had several discussions on how to attach the box to the wagon. At one point he even thought we could build the ship around the double stroller.
I finally had to build what I was thinking while he was constructing an arc. I say constructing because he had started using a saw and air compressor to build the platform. I had to start laughing because about this time the warm sun was gone, and the clouds had started rolling in. I asked if I should start expecting pairs of animals. He thought my sarcasm was funny too. We had a great laugh, and then decided cardboard and duck tape would suffice.

A preview of what is to come. The hull of the ship is finished, so we will start working on the details this week. We did a trial run in the boys' pirate costumes, because I thought I was going to have to hem them before Halloween. To our surprise, they both fit perfect.

Reed loves the pirate ship and costume!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy to see Daddy

The boys and I had a great visit in Texarkana, but it was great to get back home. It is a little difficult to travel with the two of them alone, and I always feel like we destroy the house we visit. John Chris was happy to have us back home as well. He said the house was just too quiet while we were gone.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween decor

We added the Boo and lights to our Halloween decorations. The witch, Esmerelda, loves the new glow, and I am really enjoying the decorating this year. We are looking forward to our trick-or-treating fun!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Toys on the floor

Now that Reed is crawling, every toy on the floor is within reach. He is constantly going for Ryland's toys, and it is creating constant fighting. Ryland has started picking his toys up, so now Reed is after Cooper's toys. He reached the motorcycle before Cooper snatched it away. Reed laughed as Cooper squeaked the motorcycle.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meeting Benton John

Our close friends, Brad and Chanda, welcomed their precious baby boy, Benton John, to the world yesterday. John Chris, Ryland, and myself headed to the hospital to meet him and visit with his parents. Benton is so adorable and sweet. He has long fingers and toes and is already sporting his War Eagle gear.

Welcome to the world, Benton! We look forward to many fun times with you!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reed's Baptism

Reed was baptized today at church, and it was quite the funny experience. After our pastor finished the ceremony, he took Reed so that he could hold him in front of the congregation. He does this all the time, and it is usually so adorable to see the babies with him. Reed was infatuated with Pastor John, especially his microphone. Reed grabbed the microphone and pulled it off Pastor John's ear. Everyone could hear Reed breathing over the sound system. It immediately went in Reed's mouth. When we pulled it out, the soft microphone part was missing. I had to stick my finger in his mouth and dig it out. He gagged, and it was broad casted over the sound system. I was able to retrieve the missing piece before he swallowed it. What a wonderful way to get a laugh out of the entire church.
Reed, John Chris, and Ryland

A family picture outside the sanctuary in front of the beautiful fountain.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Family comes to visit

We had a house full of family and friends today. It was awesome to visit and catch up with them all. Reed and I smile for the camera.

Nana brought the boys Halloween treats. They each had glow in the dark swords that were the big hit of the night.
Uncle Clint, Grand Pop, and Donna

Ryland and Chanda look through the treats. I love how she is 41 weeks pregnant and holding Ryland. I think she is trying to go into labor! I can't blame her.

Reed is on the move. I can tell the fireplace is his desired location. He is now trying to pull up, and the sharp stone looks like the perfect place to learn how.

Uncle Clint and Aunt Kristi hang out. Only a month left before they are parents.