Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Peaceful sleep

Reed loves to sleep on his side. I snapped this quiet, quick shot of my big boy resting peacefully.

Mommy's mopping helper

Every chore around the house is another learning opportunity for Ryland. He wants the help with EVERYTHING. Sometimes I practically beg him to just watch mommy, so he will know how to do it next time. That technique doesn't work. I tried to mop today, and my mop was promptly taken away by my helper. Too bad this helpful nature won't stay around forever. He will never be able to use the excuse of not knowing how to do it. The pictures do look like child labor, but I promise he is having fun.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cool shades

Too cool! I love the red shades and Ryland's expression.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ryland's 2nd birthday party

Ryland woke up in a great mood, and he was ready to party. In the spirit of a fireman themed birthday party, Uncle Clint let Ryland wear his old helmet. He didn't want to put it on for a while, but then he warmed up to it. When he put it on, he turned into a bobble head. He could barely hold his head up. While Ryland was taking a nap, I decorated the house for the party.
The reaction was priceless. He pointed and said "balloons" with excitement. It made all my planning and running around totally worth it.
Lizzie and Aunt Emily spend time with Reed.

The cake was HOT!
Aunt Chanda and Ryland
Ryland got embarrassed when we started singing happy birthday.

Ryland loves birthday cake! Yummy! He really just eats the icing, but hey it is his party.
Jackson tries on the helmet.
Uncle Clint, Aunt Kristi, and Doodle cuddle on the sofa.
Ryland opened a super cool fishing kit complete with a vest.

A multiple animal call, just what every boy needs. This thing makes about 10 different animal noises.

Look at that face! He loves the wheelbarrow.
Nanna and Ryland
Ryland and Uncle Clint
What a cool turtle! Ryland loves his new sandbox. I can just imagine the hours of fun outside. I am so very happy we have a home with a backyard.

Ryland take a spin around the pool in his new boat. I could not believe that John Chris put him in when the water is so cold, but he was very careful to make sure he didn't get wet.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sleeping in the tent

Since we have lots of family staying at our house this weekend, we set up a tent in our bedroom for Ryland. We told him he could camp out in Mommy and Daddy's room for a couple of nights. He just wanted to play at first until I put his nap mat inside and crawled in. He eventually put is head down and covered up. He did fall asleep, but we didn't. Every time he moved around, the tent made a crumpling noise. It sounded like an animal in a trash bag. After a few hours, John Chris and I decided to put Ryland in our bed. Needless to say, it was a sleepless night for us. Ryland is not a good bed partner, and he takes over. He sleeps all over the place! I woke up to his feet on John Chris's pillow, and John Chris was missing.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reed the napper

Once again my little man Reed is sleeping. He loves to cuddle on our chests and slips right off to sleep immediately. What a hard life!

Poop in the yard

So we get home today and park in the garage, when I open the door to the kitchen, Cooper runs out to greet us. He runs to the front yard and hikes his leg to use the bathroom. Before I know what is happening, Ryland is in the front yard in the flower bed with his leg hiked. I immediately realize that he is copying Cooper. Hilarious!

Cooper then moved on to the grass to go poop. He squats and starts taking care of his business. What happens next? Ryland starts squatting and taking care of business. The crazy thing about this is that Ryland really went poop and pee.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Double well check appointment

I took the boys to the doctor for their well checks. It was a bit crazy juggling two. Ryland didn't want to participate, and he didn't want Reed to either. It started the moment we got out of the truck at the doctor's office. Ryland refused to go inside the office. He started telling me "no momma, no doctor". It only got better as I physically took him inside. He screamed the whole time he was being weighed, measured, checked, and given shots. Drama! He is a smart little guy, and he knew what was coming. He didn't calm down when it was Reed's turn. He was very protective, and he did not want anyone touching "Baby Weed".

Ryland weighed 28lbs 8oz - 54%, height 34.5 inches - 54%. and his head was 20 inches - 93%. He is carrying a large brain.

Reed weighed 9lbs 13oz - 75%, height 21.25 inches - 68%, and his head was 15 inches - 70%.

Happy that they both are healthy. I will reconsider on taking them together again. I can only imagine this get worse, but I guess it is nice to get it over with.

Bath time and then to bed

Reed is finally able to take a bath today. We all piled in the upstairs bathroom to bath the boys. Ryland played with his toys in the bathtub, and I bathed Reed in his little tub. He was relaxed in the water and seemed to really enjoy it. He never go upset or worked up even when I washed his hair. Reed is squeaky clean and in his pjs.
Ryland and Reed pile in the bean bag to "cheese" for some photos. Both are clean and ready for bed. Peace and quiet are soon approaching.

Guard dog

Cooper is very protective lately. If even the smallest little noise is heard, he goes nuts. He loves babies, and Reed is his buddy. When Reed naps on the sofa, Cooper is right there beside him making sure he is safe.

Mommy's shoes

Ryland picked out a black pointy toe kitten heel to wear with his pajamas. He tried one on and went to check himself out in the mirror. I guess he didn't think it was a match because he stayed in his socks.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Making a birthday cake

We decided to continue celebrating Ryland's birthday tonight by making a cake. He is very curious every time I bring out the mixer and tonight was no exception. He climbed up the stool and started helping. " Cheesing" with Daddy.
We let Ryland choose the color of the icing, and he chose bright yellow. After we added the coloring, Ryland started spreading the icing on the cake.
Even a 2 year old knows that you can't ice a cake without sampling the icing. Ryland wanted to make sure the icing was just perfect.
Oh no, some icing dropped on the countertop! Ryland was quick to lean over and lick it off. Talk about a child that isn't going to let any icing going to waste.
We were ready to sing Happy Birthday when I realized we didn't have any birthday candles. I improvised with a votive candle, and who would have known the difference. The look on his face as we sang Happy Birthday and told him to blow out the candle, was priceless! He is such a happy little boy, and we are thrilled to have him as a son.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ryland's birthday

Strike a pose! Ryland turns 2 today, and we can't believe the past couple years has flown by. Every day is an adventure. He is learning and growing so quickly, and he cracks us up with what he says and does. Ryland LOVES stickers. Notice the size sticker on his chest. I pulled it off the shorts and attempted to toss it in the trash. Think again, mom. Ryland wanted to wear the sticker, so he did. This is a rare still moment of the wild boys that keep me on my toes daily.
Reed is growing fast as well. He is looking more and more like Ryland.
Ryland wanted a lawn mower like Daddy's. We took him to Toys R Us this evening and found one that makes noises and blows lawn clippings around. We also saw a cool weed eater and thought it would make a great addition to his tool/equipment collection. He was so excited to come home and help Daddy with the yard.

Daddy and Ryland checking out the new lawn equipment.
Mommy helping Ryland with the weed eating.
Edging around the play set. It is cute and crazy how receptive he is. Apparently, he has been watching Daddy.
The last thing to do is clean the pool and hot tub. Cooper has to be right in the middle of things. He isn't much help, but he is a great supervisor. Silly dog!