Friday, July 30, 2010

Have we found a new home?

John Chris and I have been working on a house deal all week, and it finally may have worked out. We made an offer on a house a couple miles away from where we are currently living. After brief negotiations, we have come to an agreement with the owner. We signed the contract today, and we now start the 14 day option period. We still have many things to work out before the deal is done, but at least we found something we really like. The next step - the inspection.

Two down and sick

Well, what do you know? Ryland and I have some sort of little sickness. We are both running a mild fever, coughing, and have sinus congestion. This is one of the worst times we could be sick, because I have a huge bridal show this weekend. I decided that we would go ahead and go to the doctor to try to nip this crap in the bud and get better. It has been a long day of whining and coughing. I hope tomorrow is better.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Peer pressure worked in our favor today. We sat down at Chipotle to eat a bite when Ryland saw another little boy eating. The other boy had a spoon and was eating out of a container. Previously Ryland only wanted to eat torn up tortilla, but all that changed. He wanted a spoon. He wanted to eat like a big boy, and so he did.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Story time

Story time at the library is a new hit with Ryland. He loves going to hear the story and play. He was in great deliberation this week as he chose the perfect book.
Another favorite thing to do at the library is run from mommy. He thinks it is hilarious to run up and down the aisles and hide. He laughs and falls down on the floor when I find him.

No storytime is complete without taking a ride on the dragon.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Ryland is quite the little helper when it comes to sweeping. He loves to play with the broom and attempt to clean the floors. It takes a little longer when he helps, but it makes him so happy.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sushi with mom

I had an adorable lunch date today. He was charming, funny, and full of wonderful conversation. I would call him Mr. Perfect.
After playing at the splash pad, Ryland and I headed to eat sushi. Don't worry. I had a California roll, and he had edamame. He was in the best mood and being very silly.

I am sure we didn't look so presentable after the splash pad, but we had a great lunch. Ryland was full of silly faces and laughed the whole time. I just love him to pieces!

Playgroup at the splash pad

Playgroup was at the splash pad today, and what a perfect day to be in the water. It is hot! Ryland always has so much fun running around and getting wet.

This place is awesome. It makes me want to be a kid again!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

House contract

Great news! We have a contract on our house. John Chris and I are so very thrilled and excited. We are shocked that it happened so fast after listing it with an agent and burying St. Joseph. The lady from the single showing is in love with our house and wants to purchase it ASAP. It will be a quick close that will be scheduled for August before she travels back to England. She has elected not to take an option period, so the contract goes immediately to the title company and the loan process has started.
It is very nerve racking, and we will say our prayers and cross our fingers that everything will work out. What wonderful news!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stroll around the pool

Uncle Brad and Aunt Chan came over to hang out today at the pool. It was so nice to just sit back and relax with good friends. Ryland had a fun time soaking up some sun and splashing in the water. He loves to be outside, and he thinks he is so cool with his shades on.
I do agree.

Getting flowers

Nanna and Grandpa Jim are really excited about the new baby we are expecting. They surprised us with a floral bouquet and an adorable lion. I never get flowers, so I was shocked. We tried explaining to Ryland what the gift was for, but he now thinks the lion's name is Baby. He knows the sign for baby, so all we have to do is say baby and he starts rocking his arms and starts pointing at the lion.

Friday, July 23, 2010


This is the last Friday for BOUNCE at the library, and we were looking forward to running off some energy.

It is funny to think back to our first BOUNCE outing several months ago. Ryland just sat beside the foam wedges and watched the other kiddos. He now runs all over the place like he owns the joint. I have to watch him closely to make sure he doesn't play to rough. He is really into throwing things these days, and it is keeping me on my toes.

One toy he hasn't mastered yet is the magnetic table. He still tries to move the animals around by sticking the magnet on the top instead of the bottom of the table. I am sure he will figure it out in the fall.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Playing in the garage

We were waiting on Daddy to come home, so we decided to play in the garage for a little bit. Ryland loves to push around the wagon and take his turn riding in it as well.

Ryland spotted the noodles and soon we were sword fighting with them. He was laughing so hard. He couldn't even hold the noodle up.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Playgroup at Jump Zone

Our weekly play group was held at Jump Zone today. Ryland and I had a blast.
They have a Sesame Street inflatable for kids that are under 3, and moms MUST jump with their children. I have to admit I was pretty pumped!

Ryland having a blast!

After Ryland got bored with the small inflatable, he decided he would wonder over to the big kid area. I couldn't resist. He really wanted to go on a big one, so we did. We laughed and giggled as we slid down the slide.
A ride on the see saw finished off the fun. I don't think Ryland will even make it home before he falls asleep. We are sure to come back and play another day. We love Jump Zone!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Telling the family

We wanted a creative way to tell our families about our pregnancy, so we bought Ryland a Greatest Big Brother shirt. John Chris and I thought is was cute, so we put it on him for lunch at the grandparents' house. We kept waiting and waiting for someone to notice it and ask. After lunch John Chris's grandmother asked what Ryland's shirt said, and he told her. He then explained to the family that we are expecting another baby. Everyone was so happy and excited for us. It was hilarious, because after we finished talking about it his grandmother asked if she had missed something. Hahaha!
When we got back home we wanted to get a picture of Ryland in the shirt before we gave him a bath and put him to bed. We found out it was pretty hard to get him to stand still, so we could snap a shot. He decided to start rolling around on the floor.

He then ran over to the corner and grabbed a book to block the shot.
John Chris finally held him still and held his arms back so I could snap the shot. Doesn't he look happy?

Long ride home

We were barely on the interstate and Ryland and Cooper were fast asleep. By the time I grabbed the camera, Cooper woke up and decided to lift his head. It was super cute, because they were sharing the blanket.
Thanks Cooper for cooperating!

Lake weekend

We had the best time at the lake this weekend. It was so nice to get away and have fun with our friends. I wish we could have stayed longer. Ryland had so many first fun time experiences, and we now see even more that he loves to be outside playing.
Before we left to go home Ryland and John Chris had to get one more ride on the tube. John Chris would stick his hand in the water to splash Ryland. He loved it!

Rodney and Lindsey also rode on the tube. I held Jackson on the backseat, so he could see them each ride. He wasn't too happy when his mommy was behind the boat. He is such a sweetheart.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lake weekend

John Chris wanted to take Ryland for a ride on the jet ski. I agreed as long as he would be careful and go slow.

I think Ryland's expression was pretty funny when John Chris cranked the jet ski.

At this point I am a little sick to my stomach. John Chris is going pretty fast with my precious baby. I could see that Ryland was smiling and seemed to be having fun, so I tried to relax. I am thinking that this child has a bit of a daredevil streak in him.

A refreshing swim in the lake. Ahhhhh!
We all hopped on the jet ski for a ride.
Look at Ryland's long hair blowing in the wind.

Ryland and Jackson are having a blast. They were soaking up the sun and eating crunchies. Those bellies are too cute.

The Allison family go for a ride on the tube.
Ryland laughed when we hit a little wake and the ride got bumpy. It was so much fun!!!!
Rodney and Jackson take their turn on the tube.

Kids and their toys

We traveled to Lake Claiborne for the weekend to hang out with the Owens and Wood families. The lake house was beautiful and had plenty of room for all of us and our necessary junk.
The kiddos loved these little cars and enjoyed being pushed around in them. John Chris took Harker and Ryland for a spin around the kitchen.

Oh no! This car has problems. John Chris and Rodney put this together, and I think they forgot some screws.
Harker loves the new "convertible", and she rides shotgun on Ryland's lap.
Obviously, Ryland wasn't pleased with this, so he started pushing her and screaming. KIDS!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

House showing

Of course this would happen while I was out of town. Our REALTOR called to see if she could show our home, and I am out of town. Yikes! There was no way I was going to say no, but I was really nervous that John Chris would leave a mess. I stressed how important it was that the house was clean, picked up, and together. I maybe went a little overboard on all of my directions, and by the 3rd phone call of reminders he told me to back off.

After the showing, our REALTOR called with great news. The lady loved our home, and she asked lots of the "right" questions. How much earnest money? How soon can we close? What are the utility bills? Etc. I was told to expect an offer in the next few days. The only possible problem was if she could get her financing taken care of while she was in the US. Cross your fingers! Come on St. Joseph!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Missing my Bubby

Ryland is in LA this week visiting with his grandparents. They really wanted to spend some time with him this summer, and we thought we would be able to get some things accomplished at home. I was really hesitant to agree to a whole week, and I am now wishing I could see my Bubby. I am in west TX trying to go to sleep, but instead I am looking through pictures crying my eyes out. I miss him so much!

OK, Candice, pull it together. You will see him in just a few days, and you know he is having a blast. Now go to sleep!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cooper gets a haircut

My poor Cooper is so embarrassed of his new haircut. After a long weekend in the country playing with Doodle and Whoody, Cooper's hair was so tangled and matted. I hated to do it to him, but it had to go. It took the groomer about 4.5 hours to finish Cooper get him presentable again. When I picked him up, he looked like a completely different dog. I know he has to feel so much better and cooler. It is pretty funny how I can tell he is embarrassed. He loves to look at himself in the floor mirror, but since this haircut he is not interested in his reflection. Poor dog!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Open house

John Chris and I decided to go ahead and list our home with a REALTOR. We thought that listing our home would get more showings and visibility online. I also was worn out on refilling fliers, taking phone calls, and scheduling appointments. We are hoping that it will take a little of the stress off of us, and speed up the time it takes to sell.

Our agent, Karen, set up our first open house this Sunday. John Chris and I worked really hard to make sure the house was in great condition, so it would show nicely. Karen put out lots of signage and fliers in hopes of increasing visitors. We were excited to see what kind of response we would have.

Unfortunately, we did not have one visitor come to the open house. The signs had been taken down over night and all of the fliers had been removed from the box. We were so very disappointed.

My friend, Sarah, has told me about a St. Joseph statue that she used to help sell her home in New Orleans after Katrina. I had looked it up online a few times, but never took the time to order one. While with her mom in Illinois, they found a statue and bought it for us. Sarah mailed it to us, and we got it right after the open house. John Chris and I immediately opened the box, read the inserts, said the prayer, and buried it in the yard. St. Joseph is the saint of real estate, so we are putting our trust in him and hoping for the best. We will keep you all updated.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Country fun

As soon as we got to Louisiana, Ryland was having a blast. He wanted to play with the dogs and go for a ride in the wagon.

Ryland took a brief little break to cool off in the rocking chair. He loves being outside!

Many hours have gone by, and Ryland is still playing outside.
After I pulled Ryland in the wagon, he decided he wanted to push it back to the garage. With a little steering assistance, he successfully backed into a great parking spot in the garage.

He is such a big boy. He sits and chats with all of the adults.
Ryland is staying with his grandparents this week, while John Chris and I get some things done. I am traveling to west Texas for a couple of days, and John Chris has a new employee starting and an old one leaving. I know the week will fly by, but I am going to miss my little man so much. I know he will have a blast and so will his grandparents.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Evening silly time

The evenings during the week are some of the best times at our house. Ryland and Cooper are so excited to see John Chris after work. They love to bombard their daddy will all kinds of love and attention.

This particular evening, Ryland wanted to climb all over John Chris as soon as he walked upstairs.

Ryland shows John Chris his sofa swing with his putter. Watch out!

Wheels on a highchair make for some serious fun. Ryland knows how to unlock the wheels and move his chair all around the kitchen.
I think he found a new spot for his chair. I love how Cooper just sits there and observes.