Friday, March 30, 2012

Forts & pallets

John Chris mentioned building forts and sleeping on pallets to Ryland earlier in the week, so we all "camped in" the game room. The boys were very excited to see all the blankets and pillows. Ryland requested the air mattress be blown up too. We all hung out for a while before Reed started fussing for his bed. The rest of us talked and watched some cartoons until falling asleep. John Chris and I woke up a few time throughout the night longing for our comfy bed, but we both decided to tough it out. We knew Ryland would be so happy to see us still on the pallet when he wakes up in the morning. It was a great family fun night!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fun in Mommy's closet

The fun in Mommy's closet started out fun for us all. I thought I would take some time and clean out some of the old clothes that I hadn't worn in a while. I needed to know what I had that worked still, and I felt the need to purge all the old stuff that didn't fit or I didn't wear. Ryland and Reed were playing monster trucks in my pile of shoes until I noticed Ryland playing dress up. He picked out some fancy shoes, a sundress, and a headband. He never put his monster trucks down, and somehow he was able to look so put together. Reed began playing in my jewelry bow, which is a big no no. I redirected to my belt basket, so I could go toss the wet clothes in the dryer.
I came back to a couple of Tasmanian devils in my closet. What was such a cute, fun moment had been turned into a massive mess. The boys had gone nuts and clothing was everywhere. Oh my, I need a raise!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Thanks WCUMC MOPS! Just what every 3 year old wants - their very own stamp. Ryland had a great time assembling a foam Easter wreath and playing with his MOPPET friends. He was even more excited about his new stamp. He was sitting at the table while I made lunch, and I turned around to see a stamped face, front teeth, tongue, and both arms. I had to laugh, because he sat there so proud of himself. After we ate, he took a peak in the mirror and smiled from ear to ear. Too bad it wouldn't wash all the way off...

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Today was the official start of Blastball for Ryland. He looked so cute and sporty in his uniform complete with cleats, bat, and glove. He was very excited to hit the ball but told us he didn't need his glove. He was going to just bat.
All the boys line up a little behind the pitchers' mound and wait for the ball to be hit. Once the ball is hit past the fair line which is about 5 feet from home plate, the boys chase it down. Whoever grabs the ball first, holds it in the air and screams BLASTBALL!
After everyone gets a turn, the teams switch places. The boys take turns batting off the tee. If they hit it past the fair line, they run to first base. The base makes a honking noise when the kids jump on it. They then continue to run around the bases.
Ryland had a blast. He actually loved chasing after the ball and using his glove. He is looking forward to next weekend to play more Blastball.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ryland's 3rd birthday party

Ryland had a fantastic 3rd birthday party. It was crazy fun at Paradise Pond, and I think everyone had a great time.
The staff set up everything for us. We brought in the decorations, and they took it from there. We were able to enjoy visiting with family and friends. They did a great job of making it festive.
We sang Happy Birthday to Ryland and he blew out the candles.
Daddy, Reed, and Mommy with the birthday boy. It looks like the boys are more interested in the cupcakes.
Enjoying cupcakes and snacks.

Ryland making silly faces with icing around his mouth.
Ryland liked to dress up with his buddy, Trent, and Reed tried to sneak in to steal the stick horse.
Colton and Harker take turns shooting the basketball.
Reed is on the move.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Party favors

Ryland and I worked on assembling his party favors while we had some calm time with Reed napping. He is my organizing, stacking, and separating child. We made a little assembly line and took turns placing the items in the bags. We talked about what everything was and why we couldn't use them before the party. He would have eaten every piece of candy if I would have let him. The favors turned out really cute - a racing baseball cap, checkered flag, race car tattoo, bubbles, and candy. Can't wait to party!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ryland's 3 year well check

I had the joy of taking both boys to Ryland's 3 year well check this afternoon. It was a big day for Ryland, because he got to do several new things. He peed in a cup and had to do some "tricks" for the doctor. It was a little challenging in the bathroom holding the cup for Ryland and keeping Reed out of the trashcan and toilet. Ryland participated in all the requested tests until it was time for the last one. I was a little forceful with him on this one because it checked for scoliosis, which I have. He started fussing a bit, and then he was done. Everything checked out great.
Ryland weighed 35.6 lbs which is 85%, and he was 39.5 inches which is 91%. He got shots in both legs and screamed bloody murder. I think it upset Reed more than anyone, because he started screaming and heading toward the nurse. She laughed because it looked like he was going to fight her for hurting his brother. Brotherly love.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Party planning helpers

When the UPS man rang the doorbell today, the boys practically ran to the door. We were expecting the box of party favors for Ryland's upcoming party. I couldn't even get the box inside and grab a pair of scissors to open it before they had turned it into a toy.
My party planning helpers were ready to tear into the box, so we did. It was full of race car themed goodies. I can't wait to see everything come together, and to see how excited Ryland gets.

Sip'n See

I co-hosted a Sip'n See in honor of the sweet new girls in our playgroup. I thought it was pretty humorous that they spent the morning sleeping in their carriers on the kitchen counter. Jewel and Parker were oblivious that the party was for them.
It was nice to see all the pink in the house for a change. The pink cake was absolutely delicious! We had a great time eating and visiting while the kids played. It was really nice to kick back and enjoy each other's company without distractions.

Fresh new look

I have been looking forward to decorating our home for a while now. Since we moved in, we have had constant construction projects going on, so it was nice to finally do some "fun" stuff. I selected a new wool rug, lots of silk down pillows, sleek accessories, and contemporary artwork. It is completely different, and it seems so fresh and light.
I am still on the hunt for two slate colored urns for the mantle, and I am ordering a glass bubble lamp for the side table. On to the dining room...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mavs game

We had awesome seats on the floor at the Mavs game. It was a great date night of fun. We were close enough to practically touch the players when they would throw the ball inbound. We saw Khloe Kardashian across the court, and we had closer seats. What an experience! Thanks Brad and Chanda!

Mall carousel

I had to make a trip to the mall today with the boys, so we decided to enjoy a pizza lunch and carousel fun. Since I had Reed and a stroller, I asked Ryland if he would like to ride by himself. He was a little hesitant, but he decided to go alone. I stood there watching my sweet baby ride around in circles, and I realized how big he has gotten. Just the small moment of him on the carousel made me think about how he is getting more independent.
Reed stood there also watching Ryland go around and around. Instead of a sweet thoughtful moment for him, he shook the metal fence out of frustration. He wanted to ride too. Soon. Very soon.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Snake Encounters

Our local library had an activity every day of Spring Break. Today, it was a snake encounter. I took the boys to see this crazy man and his snakes. He put on a great show and was really funny. I wasn't a fan of all his snakes, but he was very knowledgeable.
This is probably the only shot of Ryland and Harker sitting down watching the "show". They ran around like crazy people. Between keeping Reed on the right side of the tape and keeping track of Ryland, I was done.
Mr. Snake (I'll call him) picked out kids from the audience to come up and hold the massive python. Ryland and Harker were not chosen, but they decided to go on up front anyway. They didn't get to hold the snake, but they started exploring what was on the table. This made me so nervous because there were so many snakes in boxes and bags. YUCK!
After the show, Mr. Snake let the kids come up and touch the snakes, so the parents could take a picture. Ryland was pretty hesitant, but he caved to peer pressure. Reed couldn't get to that snake fast enough. Yes, that is my baby going for the snake's head.
Oh my, I think I need a tranquilizer for myself!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Artie's Playhouse

Since it is the beginning of Spring Break, a nearby children's theater ran plays all week. Our Monday playgroup decided we would meet up to enjoy it together. This was our second visit to Artie's, and once again Ryland loved it. The play was based on the Aladdin story, and the child actors did a fantastic job acting and singing.
Before the show got started, the announcer laid the ground rules and asked if there were any birthdays for the week. Ryland and I raised our hands to let him know Ryland's was Sunday. There were two other kids with birthdays, so the announcer asked them all to come up on stage. Ryland refused. He wanted me to go up there with him. I told him I would, but then he insisted I hold him. The crowd started singing, and Ryland started whining. I passed off Reed to my friend, Kramer, who was sitting beside us, and we headed to the front. We got to the stage stairs right at the last verse. Total drama!
Ryland sat in his seat munching on popcorn and cookies while he watched the play. He got a little nervous about Jafar, but he was pleased with the ending when "they got that mean guy". He really enjoys coming to the plays, and I love to see him get excited about the music.
Reed was all over the place for the last 30 minutes of the show. He would climb up me and then throw his head back. He wanted down to walk around and pat on the heads of people in front of us. I had to carry him out because he refused to sit in my lap. Balancing two gets a little tricky sometimes, but my frustration is well worth the joy it brings.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Chick-Fil-A storytime

What could be better than storytime? Well, add in free chicken minis for the kiddos and a place to play after the story, and you have an awesome morning. The boys and I enjoyed breakfast while enjoying a funny story read by the librarian from the local library. Ryland thinks she is super funny and silly and couldn't stop giggling. We ran into a few friends, so they all had a blast playing afterwards while the mommies caught up. Great idea!


Reed has always been a child that can really blow it out. After dinner, John Chris picked up Reed, and we all got a sneak peak. Time to call in the backup!

A soft place to rest my head

I was tickled to see Ryland napping today. He was sleeping in my bed, and I walked through the room to put up laundry. I guess he couldn't decide what pillow to sleep on.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eating can wear you out

In celebration of Ryland's upcoming birthday, we had cake with Nana while she was in town. Reed loved it and couldn't get enough.
He took a little break, and he rested his head on the dining table. It is hard to eat so much cake.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kitchen improvement

I was very excited to get the new kitchen sink and faucet. John Chris and I had been talking about it for several months, but we wanted to hold off until the majority of the house projects were finished. We used the old sink to wash out paint brushes, caulk rags, and many other messy tools of the job. Needless to say, it showed its rough life.
I had a hard time selecting a sink, because I really wanted an under mount like we had at the previous house. It wasn't possible due to the lack of overhang of the granite. Basically whoever installed the granite and old sink cut the granite hole very large. They left no granite lip inside the cabinet to mount and under mount sink to. Bummer! I did a little searching, and I found this sink was our best option. It has no extra grooves or dips around the edge. It is deep and only has one faucet hold pre-drilled.
It took several hours to install due to the lack of "lip", but it looks awesome! I am so pleased and have noticed I like doing dishes a bit more now. I just love seeing the empty sink - so clean and sparkly. I think I am in love with a sink.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Reed's 12 month well baby

Our baby boy, Reed, had a good well check today. He wasn't feeling 100%, but he was a trooper. The doctor wanted to hold off on shots until he was feeling better, so we will come back next week to catch up on shots. Reed weighed in at 24 lbs and 2.5 oz which is 70%. He was 31 inches tall which is 85%, and his head was 19 inches which is 93%. He passed all the developmental checks, and was ahead on the "checklist"- no more bottles, no paci, and transition to whole milk.

While we work...the boys will play

John Chris and I were working on replacing the kitchen sink, and we overheard the boys laughing hysterically. They both had the block bucket on their heads, at the same time. Hilarious! Another little example of kids not needing toys.
The old sink in the floor turned into a climbing toy for Reed. It was great to see the boys using their imagination and playing. They are getting so big.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Building blocks

Ryland enjoys building towers with the mega Legos. He was working on one tonight, so he could park his cars in the garage. It is cute to watch and listen to him play. He has a whole conversation with his toys.
Here comes trouble. Reed was really interested in what Ryland was working on.
Ryland blocks the intruder, but we know what they both want to do.
The blocks come tumbling down. Ryland pushed it over before Reed could get his hands on it. They both giggle with excitement.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


We had such a great time visiting with everyone at Reed's party. We completely forgot to open the gifts. We let him tear into them this evening, and he had a blast. He was so excited about the tissue paper and bags. Thanks for all the thoughtful gifts!

40th Wedding Anniversary

Randy and Liz celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary while they were in town visiting. Emily, Jeffery, and all of us took them to Cheesecake Factory for lunch.
Our waiter noticed the balloons and flowers at our table and asked if we were celebrating something special. John Chris filled him in on the occasion. We all ordered dessert after our meal, and we were surprised by the waiter with a sweet message on their plate.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reed's first birthday party

We celebrated Reed's first birthday with family and friends this weekend. He was all about having some fun and partying. He didn't like the party hat, and it upset him a little. Everything else was awesome. He loved the balloons and the streamer decorations.
I enjoyed putting the table scape together with all of the festive decor. I was really struggling earlier in the week with concerns that this wouldn't come together. I think I was in printable cutting hell. I am very pleased, and I think it was something special for Reed even though we didn't have a theme.
Reed loved playing with the streamers. He would pull them as far as he could and then let them spring back up.
Nana helped "hold back" the boys. The cupcakes and candy were calling their names.
Reed is ready to destroy his cupcake.
He decided to eat the top portion with all the yummy icing.
Oh yeah! Reed loves cupcakes. I think he would have gone for another one.
Meanwhile Ryland gets a little silly. He decides to eat his cupcake with no hands.
Ryland makes his share of a cupcake mess.
Me, John Chris, Ryland, and Reed
Grandpa Dave and the birthday boy, Reed.