Sunday, October 31, 2010


Ryland was a fisherman for Halloween this year. We thought this would be a fun and cool costume that he would enjoy, and he loved it. The fishing pole was a big hit! He was super happy to wear the costume again, and he couldn't wait to put it all on.
It was nice to trick or treat this year in our new neighborhood. They had a parade earlier in the afternoon with the local high school drum line that Ryland loved. There were lots of participating homes, and several went all out on the decorations. We walked to a few houses near our house before we headed back home to hand out candy.

I wanted to get a quick photo of Ryland and Esmeralda, the witch, before the night was over. He loved talking to her everyday and even gave her sweet hugs. Ryland was getting really silly at this point in the night, and he started eating his catch. What a wonderful Halloween!!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Yummy breakfast

What a treat for breakfast! I pulled out the powdered doughnuts for myself this morning, and Ryland was intrigued. I gave him one to try, and he is now a huge fan. I can't blame him. I am as well. They are yummy! Not so much on the healthy and nutritious breakfast menu, but everyone needs a little sweet treat in the morning. Ahh, the face of pure sweet sugar love.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Long hair

Ryland's hair is getting really long. We haven't taken him for a hair cut yet, and I just can't quite bring myself to it. He has the cutest curls in the back that I just love. I have been thinking about trimming the sides, but I am afraid it will look like a mullet. People have been commenting on what a cute little girl he is. I clearly don't dress him like a girl, so I know it is the hair. Oh me, I think this is a mommy letting go issue.

Fall festival

Ryland wore his fisherman costume to school today for their fall festival. They had tons of fun stuff planned for the day including a petting farm, hay ride, games, and pizza. I snapped a quick shot of Ryland in front of the fall display they had assembled. He was completely worn out when I picked him up, and was ready for bed at 7:30. I think he had a blast.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Working on the laptop

Apparently, Ryland had some computer work he had to finish up tonight. He looks so serious like he is really working on something.

Busted! He was shopping at Toys R Us.

Halloween party at the park

The moms' group held their annual Halloween party today at a local park. Most of the kiddos wore their costumes, but Ryland decided to take a 3 hour nap, so we were running way late. Instead of dealing with the costume, we just attended the party in our normal clothes. It was so much fun for the little ones and for the moms. The treats were a huge hit, and Ryland loved the cupcakes!

What a big boy! He climbed all over the play equipment without help from me. He is growing up way too quickly.
Ryland and Harker loved the swings! I think they could have stayed all evening. It is so cute to see these two play together, because they are like old buddies.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I am a little over the half way point of being pregnant. It amazes me that the time has gone by so darn fast. I had my sonogram and doctor appointment today, and we were able to take another peek at our little bambino. The tech confirmed that we are expecting a boy and gave us another shot of his parts. Ryland was at home with Lizzie, and John Chris and I had plenty of time to check out #2 without disruption.
After the sonogram, I met with the nurse practitioner. I swore after my last visit with her about 4 years ago that I would never see her again. I was quickly reminded of why I dislike her so much. Absolutely harsh and no bedside manner! She informed me that they could not see the baby's kidneys, so I would need to come back for another sonogram in 4 weeks. If they couldn't see the kidneys on that visit, they would send me to a specialist. Not to worry.
Well, how can I possibly not worry? I will be worried sick for the next 4 weeks, and I will be in a complete tizzy the day of the sonogram. We just pray that everything is normal and put our trust in the Lord.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ice Cream

We had a wonderful visitor this week, and we can't even begin to thank her for all the hard work and help. Lizzie, John Chris's mom, spent a few days playing with Ryland and helping us with house projects. After a long, hard day we had a pizza dinner with ice cream for dessert. Ryland and Lizzie shared a cold treat after a fun filled day.

I am completely wiped out at this point, because I have been fighting a nasty stomach bug that Ryland catches and then Lizzie catches. Yuck!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Ryland and I headed to the Pumpkin Patch to meet up with the MOPS group and have a little fun. It was a warm afternoon in the sun, and it was pretty hard to think about the great fall weather. Ryland had fun riding the miniature tractors and soaking up the sun.
The pumpkins did not interest Ryland one bit. There was just too much other stuff around to even glance their direction.
One of the antique tractors on display. It looks like Ryland knows what he is doing. Notice his left hand on the gear shift. How did he know?

Silly cowboy!
Figuring out the the hay maize.

Ryland never even hesitated on the slide. He climbed right up there and slide right down. He is a dare devil. We have our hands full with the constant climbing and pushing the envelope.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Basketball goal

When I picked Ryland up from school today, he was playing basketball. He was having a blast, and his teacher said he had bee playing for awhile and was pretty good. He had to show me his mad ball skills before we left. I have to admit he was enjoying it, and I thought he would love a goal at home. We picked one up on the way home, and we played all evening. Ryland loves basketball.
Don't you just love our court? No baseboards and painted spots. Sweet.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fire station field trip

The mom's group had a field trip at the fire station today, and it was super cool. We were able to play on the trucks and hang out with the firemen. Ryland thought the big truck was interesting and liked to mess with all the gadgets.
I can only imagine how big the trucks look to a 1.5 year old. Ryland and Harker looked at the truck with pure amazement. Ahhh, to be a kid again.

Ryland wanted to hear the siren, and he did get his wish. After about 25 minutes, the station received a call about a fire alarm at a business. It was crazy to see all the moms grabbing their little ones, and the firemen loading in the truck so quickly. Off they went with the sirens blasting. The smile on Ryland's face was priceless. He screeched like a siren all the way home.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gotta be like dad

John Chris and I wanted to finish the paint in the study today since only the ceiling, above the bookshelves, and around the trim were left. I stepped out of the room just for a moment, and Ryland decided to take over the job. He climbed up the step ladder and was helping dad finish. He really wants to do whatever his dad is doing - only without pants.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Chuck E Cheese's

John Chris and I wanted to get out of the house and do something fun with Ryland tonight. We thought Chuck E Cheese's would be perfect, and we just knew Ryland would have a blast. I saw this picture sketch machine, and I was insistent that we get a picture of the three of us. Needless to say, Ryland wasn't happy about it. It only took about 15 seconds to pose, and he wasn't going to have it. I love that our cherished take home memento shows him having a fit. Priceless.
Taking a ride with Chuck E.
This ride was NOT a hit. Ryland started screaming immediately when it started moving.

This toy was in the toddler section, but it looks like John Chris was more intrigued. Ryland has already wondered off.
OK, who is actually playing this game? Isn't it cute?
Mommy showed Ryland how to drive. Pretty darn scary. I hope he wasn't taking notes.
We all had a blast playing and hanging out tonight, and we will definitely come play again.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Well check

Ryland had his 18 month well check today with the pediatrician. When we pulled up to the office, he noticed the large blow up skull beside the building. He walking right over to it, pointing and talking. I would think that spiders crawling on a skull would be a little creepy for little kids, but maybe that is just me. ???? Anyway, I must be wrong because Ryland had no problem with it.

Everything went well with the check up, and Ryland is a normal healthy little boy. He weighs 27.5 lbs and 33" tall. He has slowed down in growth and is getting closer to normal range. He is now in the 65%. The doctor suggests not to even attempt at potty training right now, because he will just regress when the baby comes. She said I would end up having to do it twice, so she wouldn't bother right now. Still she thinks talking about it is very helpful. I decided to go ahead and get a flu shot for Ryland, and I had to sign a waiver. He thought he would serve as my legal counsel and make a few adjustments to the document. Such a big boy.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blue icing

John Chris and I are trying to get the garage cleaned out and organized, so we can start parking inside. Ryland is a great helper but likes to organize and clean in his own way. We thought that a cookie with a little blue icing would take his mind off the project and give us a chance to wrap it up. Being the smart child he is, he went straight for the blue icing. I have to admit he takes after his mom with the sweets. I would have done the same thing.
It is frustrating to eat a cookie when you aren't much taller than your puppy. It is a hard life.
Cooper was watching the cookie pretty darn intently. He was just waiting for a chance to snatch it from Ryland.
End result, the cookie was great for taking Ryland's mind off the cleaning and organizing, but it created another issue with Ryland and Cooper.

Sweet mornings

I have never been a morning person, and I still don't think I really am. I do love the mornings these days. I just love picking Ryland up out of bed and seeing how excited he is to see me. It just melts my heart.
Every morning when we hear Ryland wake up Cooper and I go upstairs to pick up little Mr. Sunshine. He giggles and stretches, and it is just so darn adorable. He always hands me Itsy and his blanket. I pick him up for a morning hug and kiss, and he throws Itsy back in bed. We head down for breakfast and some silly time. I love it, almost to fault, because we usually play too long and have to hurry to get ready to get out of the house. Those 30-45 minutes of fun quickly turn into complete craziness. Ahh, I do love the mornings.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Power wheel fun

Ryland loves to ride his 4-wheeler. He doesn't understand how to steer, so he constantly runs into to things.
He is thinking about it, but doesn't understand yet. He knows were to find the "go" button.
Frustration. He is stuck in the flower bed. I try to give him a few tips on steering, but I end up just getting him out of the mulch.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Boys being boys

Uncle Brad and Aunt Chanda came over to watch the football game and grill out. The boys kicked back on the sofa and watched the game while snacking and drinking. Ryland was loving the guy time.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fun around the house

We love to play in our new backyard. It has been really nice outside, but we tend to always end up by our stone fence along the back of the yard because there is a long area of shade.
One bad thing about the stone fence is that it is hard! Ryland and Cooper were wrestling over the frisbee, and Ryland bumped his head on the stone. Ouch!

Ryland and Cooper helped me install a new smoke detector in the hall. Ryland even worked on the ladder for a little while. Who needs toys?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Backseat cool

Ryland is one cool dude. He was loving life today - cruising around with the windows down, sunglasses on, goldfish, and juice. What more could you want?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween pajamas

How spooky! Ryland modeled his adorable new Halloween pajamas tonight. He seemed to like them, and he turned into one silly skeleton. They are really cute when you turn off the lights. The outline of the bones glow in the dark.