Saturday, September 29, 2012

Coffee table

I remember growing up in a house with lots of pretty knick-knacks.  My mom was really good about teaching us to be careful, not play rough in the house, and to not break things.  I have attempted to teach my boys the same things, so I can keep my pretty knick-knacks out too.  A few months ago my trio of cool candle holders that sat on the coffee table were knocked over.  Not by one of the boys, but actually John Chris broke them.  I have tried to find something to replace them with, but I haven't found anything I am crazy about.
I look at my blank coffee table as a clean slate to decorate, but the boys see it another way.  They see a big climbing box, a performance stage, and many more destructive potentially hazardous ideas.  I figure I have got to gather the reigns now before I lose my ground.  I am just a little hesitant to put anything in the danger zone. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

We love the Dollar Tree

The boys and I needed to get out of the house this afternoon, so our housekeepers could work their magic. Ryland had been saving his "super big monies" for two weeks, so he finally had enough to go buy this boat he saw in a catalog.  I wanted to stop at the Dollar Tree to pick up some Halloween treats before we headed to Toys R Us. 
Well, the Dollar Tree was stocked with all kinds of costumes and accessories.  Ryland quickly found several things he wanted.  I gave him the choice to spend his money or continue on to Toys R Us, and he decided to purchase a bunch of stuff at the Dollar Tree.
The boys dressed up a knights as soon as we got home.  We have a golden and a silver knight.  Just watch out for the axes.

Dad even got in on the fun.

The flipping ninjas didn't last long, but they were a cool treat.  The boys threw them against the door, and they would flip all the way down.  It was a super fun trip to the Dollar Tree.  It is our favorite store.

Finished airplane

After a few hours of Dad working and lots of glue, the airplane is assembled.  It didn't come together exactly as directed, but it is super cool.

Ryland precisely painted the airplane.  He was sure to use all the colors and cover every bit of the plane.
The airplane is finished and will soon find a special place in Ryland's room.  He says he wants to put it on his dresser with his other airplanes. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fabric shopping

 After not liking my dinning room and entry for two years, I have tackled the project of creating an inviting and polished space.  I have found the perfect rug for the dinning room, and now I need to work on re-covering the chairs.  I visited 6 fabric stores in search of the perfect fabric.  After rows and rows of fabric, I found the perfect one.  Now the manual work begins.  Next thing on the list is new drum lamp shades.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Building an airplane

We found this wood airplane kit months ago, and today was the perfect day to work on it.  Ryland and I popped out all the pieces and sanded them smooth.  I quickly realized the 3+ age printed on the box was crazy.  Not all the pieces were cut quite the right size, so we had some problems snapping them into place.  After two hours, we decided to put the assembly on hold, so Dad could help out. 
To be continued...

Ride with Pride

Today was the first Monday playgroup we have attended in several weeks.  We met our friends at Ride with Pride to enjoy a beautiful morning with the animals.  Pony rides were the highlight of the morning for most of the kids, but Ryland wasn't interested in riding.  He said he just wanted to watch, so I didn't push it.

Reed loved all the horses, but I couldn't get him near one for a picture.  He wanted to laugh and point, but he definitely wasn't begging to go for a ride. 

The horses were so calm, and it was obvious they were looking for some handouts.  As soon as you got close to them, they went for your hand.  I was happy to see Ryland at least touch one of the horses.

We headed over to the fish pond next, so the kids could give enormous amounts of food to the massive catfish.   

I was finally able to catch Reed smile.  He enjoyed pushing the glider and chunking fish food into the pond.  We finished off the fun morning with a little stick horse riding around the barrels.  It was great to be back with our friends.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Backyard lesson

John Chris mowed the backyard and was edging around the pool when he noticed something.  He stopped and called the boys over to check it out.  It was a very small snake, but it gave us a great opportunity to talk to the boys about what to do if they ever see another one.
After finding the snake, Ryland was a little hesitant to play in the grass.  He leaned up against the pergola post to do a little deep thought thinking.  It was obvious that he was taking it all in. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012


After a pretty rough day, I decided to go Bunco with my MOPS group.  I was back and forth all day, but I just knew these girls could cheer me up.  My close friends have respected my wishes not to spread my sad news, and they realize that I will talk about it when I am ready. 
It was a fun filled night of laughs, stories, and Bunco.  Even though we don't play regularly, it was fun to do something different. I love these ladies!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

iPhone fan

Ryland loves my new iPhone!  He likes to play all the games, but his favorite game is Jake and the Netherland Pirates.  He traded his TV show time for time with my phone.  I am blown away at how quickly he picks up on how to operate it, because I am still learning.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reed's 18 month well check

Reed is developing right on track.  The doctor was pleased with everything, but we still are watching the tongue tie issue.  We agreed to monitor it until he turns two and then re-address.
Reed weighs 28 pounds - 75.17%.  He is 33.5 inches tall - 79.10%, and his head is 19.5 inches - 89.25%. 

Silly class

Ryland is loving his new school.  Everyday I pick him up, I ask him how his day went, and he still tells me it was GREAT.  When I ask him what he learned, he tells me all about the letter of the week and what words start with the letter.  He is learning a ton of cute rhyming songs, and he is so happy and is getting more outgoing. 
Ryland's teacher sends email updates with all the info that the class is working on, so it is a great way for me to know what to ask.  She is having curriculum day next week, and she will cover the main goals for the year.  The picture was attached to her email for the day.  I asked Ryland why he wasn't making a silly face, and he said, "I didn't want to."

Monday, September 17, 2012

The procedure

This is not how I wanted this pregnancy to end.  The emotions are so difficult to work through, and the only thing that is giving some sort of peace is prayer.

John Chris and I spent the day at Baylor for the D and C procedure.  The staff, nurses, and doctors were very sweet and accommodating.  I held it together pretty well until the Chaplain came by right before I went to the operating room.  We chatted about the feelings that we are dealing with, and we were able to pray together.  She left a small stuffed lamb and some other items to comfort and assist with our grieving. 

The procedure was physically painless, and I am expected to recover within a week. I will take it easy and give myself the time.  I am looking forward to being back to "normal" physically.  I am sure the emotions will follow, but I am a short fuse of tears or anger these days. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cabinet project

We have been wanting to add another shelf to our custom cabinets in the family room for a very long time, but we have let it slip down the to do list.  I have been back in the project mode the past 2 weeks, so we decided to tackle this minor one today. 
We removed the door brackets and the small rectangular box that floated above the TV.  We added the shelf and a double speaker box at the rear of the shelf.  Only a little bit of caulk and paint to go, and we will have another task off the list.

Ryland and Reed were eager to help cut and drill.  Ryland puts on his safety glasses, while Reed gathers some of their toy tools.

The boys discuss their plans, and Ryland explains what he is going to do with hand gestures.

After they finished with the plans, they both started laughing hysterically.  John Chris and I should be scared.  Very scared.

Ryland hammered on the wood with his plastic tools, so it would fit.

Watch out!  There is no telling what Reed will wack.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sad news

The follow up sonogram did not go well.  The baby had not grown, and our precious baby's heart had stopped.  John Chris and I are filled with sadness and lots of questions.  It is really hard to stop thinking about how things could have been.  We were really excited and looking forward to the third pregnancy and welcoming another child into our lives.  The dreams had already started.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Ryland had his first homework assignment.  We decorated a "me mat" with family pictures, stickers, and markers.  It will be laminated and used as a snack place mat in his classroom.  I cut the pictures, and he decorated all around them.  He was so proud and excited to show off his finished piece. 

Reed was our supervisor.  He pointed and guided us through the project.  He picked out a few pictures to take to his class as well.  I can't wait to see what they make with his selections.

MOPS begins

I am so happy that MOPS has started!  I never thought I would look forward to the Wednesday meetings as much as I do.  The meeting went great, and I was able to meet the new members.  It is a wonderful group of moms that continues to grow and evolve each year.  We were only able to add 8 new moms, and the tables are really clicking.  This year is going to be great!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chapel Hill

Ryland started attending Chapel Hill Children's School today.  He was excited and happy to head off on his new adventure.  He walked in his new class with a huge smile on his face and without hesitation.  I was so proud of his bravery.
When I picked him up later that afternoon, I thought I had picked up a new kid.  He was very talkative and was telling me all about his day.  He said his new school was "great".  In fact, everything was "great" - his teachers, the playground, the lesson.  He was so happy!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Changing schools

I received a call from the Director at Chapel Hill Children's School to let me know they had an opening for Ryland.  I was more than a little caught off guard and mentally pre-occupied, but I wanted to really take the time to consider this opportunity.

Chapel Hill is a wonderful program at our church, and it is highly respected among the parents in our area.  I had heard about all of its greatness, but to be quite honest I was annoyed with the underlying reputation of the mothers.  I am not one to get caught up in the "high society life" as my mom calls it.  The thought of church members lining up at 5AM for the possibility of getting their child in doesn't really appeal to me.  I am more than sure I will be so proud when my boys get admitted to wonderful colleges, but that is college, not pre-school. 

I dug a little deeper into the school and what makes it so superior, and I was more than impressed with everything I found.  Every parent and friend that I spoke with said that it was great, and that I should consider sending my boys.  It is something I had decided to put off until next school year, but I knew that I wanted Ryland to participate in a 3 day heavily concentrated curriculum based school before he starts Kindergarten. I decided to stop by the office one day after one of my MOPS meetings to see about the wait list since I had already missed registration.  I added  both the boys to the extensive wait list never thinking a spot would open.

Now here we are, both boys already enrolled at Stars Academy, and they had been to their first day.  Now we have to make a decision if moving Ryland to Chapel Hill is really the best for him.  I had a very open and honest discussion with the Director and many conversations with John Chris and close family.  After a lot of heart searching, praying, and weighing the what ifs, we decided to give it a shot.  We believe the atmosphere will give Ryland what he needs to academically excel and increase his social confidence. I am really nervous but excited about his new adventure.  We will see how the first day goes. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Going crazy

I can't keep my mind busy enough.  My thoughts are consumed with the worry about the new baby.  I have re-played the appointment over and over in my head, and I have analyzed every little comment from my doctor.  I have crunched the calendar, and it just doesn't work mathematically that I ovulated later. 

What can I do to keep my mind from going crazy?  Let's start some projects.  Clean out and organize both attics, get art framed, find a new rug, lamp shades, mirror, and drapes for the dinning room, re-arrange the family photos, build a new shelf in the family room, and insulate the garage doors.  I just can't let my mind have the time. 

The nights are too long...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Helping Benton

We headed over to Dallas to enjoy some time with the Brashears family.  The boys were thrilled to see their buddy, Benton.  The three boys are absolutely hilarious together.  Benton is so close to crawling, and Reed must have noticed.  He started pushing Benton to help him along.  At first he was pushing with his arms, but he soon decided his head was a better tool.  Benton didn't seem to mind one bit.  He was really getting around quickly with the assistance of Reed.  Benton is such a trooper. 

Telling the family

We decided to go ahead and send a cute picture to our parents to tell them about the new baby.  We are hoping they get it, and we can't wait to hear what they think.
We had a few more printed for the whole family, but we decided to hold off until we know the baby is healthy. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pregnancy #3

We had our first doctor appointment and sonogram to check on the new baby.  We should have been 8 weeks along, but the baby only measured 6 weeks.  It was shocking to see how little the baby looked compared to our other two pregnancies, but we were thrilled to see the tiny heart pumping. 
After speaking with the doctor about the potential issues, we have one of two things to confirm with a follow up sonogram in one week.  The good possibility is that I ovulated later than expected, and the baby is actually only 6 weeks.  The bad possibility is that the baby isn't growing properly and isn't viable.
All we can do is give the baby a week to grow and continue to pray.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of school

I managed to get Reed and Ryland out on the front porch for a few pictures before heading to Stars Academy for their first day. 
Reed's expression cracks me up.  He is such a sweet brute.  He is ready to go play.
Ryland refused to put his two cars down, so he got a little messy while brushing his teeth.  He was all smiles and in a picture posing mode.
Such big boys.  I can't believe they are starting another year.
Ryland walked in with a little bit of hesitation but no tears today.  He immediately recognized some of his old friends, and he grabbed a seat to start coloring.

Reed didn't even bother giving me a hug good-bye.  He was in the class checking out the toys before I could sign him in.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet the teacher

The boys and I had an opportunity to meet their new teachers this morning at school. 

I dropped Reed at his classroom first, and it all went nuts.  There were two other kids crying when we reached the class, and it set him off too.  I walked in with him attached to my leg screaming "Mommy" at the top of his lungs.  I tried to calm him down by pointing out that his friends were there, but he wouldn't have it.  After about 3 minutes of an all out fit, I decided to just go.  It broke my heart to leave him so upset, but I knew he would be over it soon.

I headed upstairs to Ryland's new class, and he was acting very nervous.  By the time we reached the classroom, he was crying and refusing to go in.  I squatted down to talk to him about how much fun it was, and how I would be right down the hall at a meeting.  I explained that we would only be there for a little while and then we would head to lunch with the Wood girls.  He wasn't buying it either.  I had to pull him into the classroom while he was crying and chewing on the collar of his shirt.  I left him crying and unhappy too.

All the parents attended a meeting about all the policies and rules, and then we toured the school.  I am very familiar with the school, since Ryland is starting his 4th class there, but I was very impressed with what they had to offer since he has moved into the big kids department.  They have a great great library, playground, lunch room, and music class.  I quicky realized my boys are growing up.

I headed back to Ryland's class to find him happy and content playing in the floor with one of his friends.  He told me he had fun in his big class and pointed out his wet collar.  He told me he chewed it because he was nervous.  (hmm...OK)  We headed downstairs to pick up Reed, and he was happy as could be sitting at the table drawing. 

Oh, the boys and their dramatic morning. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Possum Kingdom Lake - Day 3

The perfect way to celebrate Labor Day is more time on the lake.  The dads and the children did a little fishing from the dock.

Reed and Travis were enjoying being silly.

Charlie picks out the other side of the dock to get a little peace and quiet to scoop up some fish.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Possum Kingdom Lake - Day 2

John Chris and I were first up on the tube today.

 After a not so graceful attempt to get in the tube without getting wet, I make it on the second try.

John Chris is ready to go!

Carl drug us around for a while before John Chris gets thrown.

Kelsey and Charlie get ready for their turn.

Ryland and Gracie decide to wait a little longer before tubing.  Maybe they are still a little nervous from yesterday?

Reed was into everything on the boat.  I could tell he was getting tired because the whining and crying started.

And Reed is out.

The boys assist Mr. Carl in a small boat repair.  They are very interested in the awesome tool box that came out from under the seat bench.

There was a ton of just chilling and hanging out in the water.  Notice Charlie in the background taking a nap on one of the tubes.

Travis is so cool in his big red shades.  What a great day!