Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We are having a boy!

We had a 3D ultrasound this evening to find out the baby's gender, and we are having a boy! It was a wonderful experience, and we couldn't ask for better news. The baby didn't want to cooperate at first, so he wouldn't move to another position to give us a look. The ultrasound tech started lightly pushing on my stomach to move the baby. Ryland was standing on the stool right beside me, so he started poking my stomach also. It was his first few whacks to baby brother to show him who is the boss. It worked. The baby repositioned, so we could clearly see a penis. John Chris and I expected a boy and are excited about our growing sports team.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Doctor appointment

Today was my monthly doctor appointment for the belly bambino. Everything looks great and seems to be progressing normal. The heart rate was 156 bpm and all the genetic testing came back in normal ranges. We are almost halfway, and it blows my mind things are going so fast. We are not scheduled for an ultrasound at my doctor's office until next month, so we are planning on a gender ultrasound later this week.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New shoes

All I can say is, it's about time. Ryland has grown out of every pair of summer sandals, and he desperately needed some new tennis shoes. When we first put them on, he walked like a robot. Poor kid. He didn't know how to walk in real shoes.
He caught on fast and quickly decided he liked them especially the "cat" on the toe. Watch out. Here comes running Ryland.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday in Florida

It was nice to sit outside watching Ryland play and help with the grill. Ryland totally car jacked Sienna's ride and wanted everyone but mommy to push him around.
It is Grandpa Dave's turn to push Ryland for a few laps around the house.
Guess who was a daddy's boy all weekend? Yes, it was pathetic. He nearly wore John Chris out with the whining and needing to be held. He was a daddy's boy.
Aunt Kristi takes Ryland for a few laps in Sienna's other car.
Between working on our house, moving, carrying Ryland around, grilling, and a few beers, John Chris starts to drift off for a nap. A perfect ending to a wonderful day in Florida.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Splash park fun

Grandpa Dave has awesome neighbors that have a little girl, Sienna, who is Ryland's age. They really hit it off and enjoyed playing together. Sienna invited Ryland to the splash park for a little outdoor fun. It was cute to watch them interact.
Ryland's favorite thing to do was catch the water in the plastic cup. I think he could have done this all afternoon long.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Being silly in the car

After a great nap on the plane, Ryland was awake and ready to play. The only thing holding him back was the 1.5 hour car ride to Grandpa Dave's house. Dang! We decided to play paparazzi with my camera. He really started being silly with his blanket. What an entertainer!

Flying to see Grandpa Dave

We flew to Florida to see Grandpa Dave and have a mini vacation. Uncle Clint and Aunt Kristi drove over so we could all fly together. It was a rather peaceful flight, because Ryland fell asleep immediately as the plane took off.
We can only hope for another great flight back home.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I attended my first official MOPS meeting today. I was really looking forward to it since I missed the kick off meeting due to moving. All of the hard work we have been doing on the steering committee really came together. The meeting was wonderful, and I look forward to a fun year. The speaker at today's meeting was promoting Bible verse memory and how important it is for our children. She had some great points and ideas. I love my table group of 7 mommas, and I can't wait for the next meeting.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Home remodeling continues

Another evening of house projects. John Chris and his assistant, Ryland, started chipping out the old wood floor right outside the study. We are putting hardwoods in the study, so we have to blend the wood planks with the old entry wood. We will soon be nailing down the new wood, sanding, staining, and sealing.
Ryland is right in the middle of every project. The house is definitely not the safest place right now, and John Chris and I are working really hard to get things finished.
This is a photo of the entry from the front door.
Photo of the dining room - AKA tool/supply room
Photo of the entry from the dining room. This shows the new sheetrock wall that we added to create the nursery on the other side.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Assembling the crib

Ryland's crib is finally together. Another big step in the house coming together was getting Ryland's room set up and back to normal sleeping arrangements. I thought it was hilarious how all the boys had to help each other assemble the crib. The only funnier thing was how do they get out. After some quick pictures and a laugh, it was time for Ryland to test out his old bed. He was happy to have it back.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mowing the yard

John Chris bought a new lawn mower and weed eater today, so he could mow the lawn for the first time. Can't you see how happy he is? It may sound silly or cray, but we have been looking forward to this day for a while. We are so grateful to have a yard finally!

Napping in the highchair

This is what worn out looks like. Ryland was enjoying his french fries, and he fell asleep.
John Chris and I laughed so hard we cried. Our laughing woke Ryland up just long enough to give us the ugly look. He went right back to sleep.

We finally have a fridge! Amen!

Yes, we have been living in this messy cluster without a fridge. Two weeks of fast food and junk has us craving a real meal. We didn't expect to be without a fridge, because the previous owner was supposed to leave the fridge. Surprise! She decided to take it with her.
Oh well, we ended up purchasing a super cool Electrolux. I don't think we have ever seen a more beautiful fridge. It was so great to dump out the ice chest and go buy groceries.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Napping at school

Ryland was the last kiddo sleeping today, and he was out of it when I arrived to pick him up. I guess the nap mat is pretty darn comfy. Don't you just love the butt in the air?


I couldn't resist a quick pick of Ryland before we woke up. He is knocked out, and he didn't move an inch.


The carpet for upstairs is installed, and it made a big difference. We are really pleased with the color and small pattern. It is cray how much the echoing has stopped with the addition of a little textile. We can now move all the upstairs furniture in the house.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ready for bed

Ryland is sleeping in our bedroom in his pack-n-play until we get his room finished. He doesn't seem to mind a bit. He was in a super silly mood tonight and decided to goof off a bit before going to bed.

Monday, September 13, 2010

House projects

The new kitchen back splash is installed and just needs to be grouted. We love it, and it looks great with the off white cabinets and granite.
This is the other side of the kitchen with a little more back splash. The tiles are rectangular pieces of travertine, marble, and colored glass. What a difference! New stainless hood and gas cooktop coming soon.
The other project that kicked off today is the nursery framing. The wall and closet are framed, and the room is really starting to take shape. Only sheetrock, trim, and paint to go.

Friday, September 10, 2010

House projects in full swing

The kitchen cabinet painting started today, and it is hard work. The cabinets had to be sanded, primed, and painted with 2 coats. John Chris took on this project with his friend, the paint sprayer.
The kitchen with the first coat of fresh paint. It looks so great!
Our luxurious master bedroom. It is a beautiful space with concrete flooring and no electrical or vent covers. Sweet!
Clint and John Chris take a break from the terrible paint fumes. They are both are "high on Kilz" at this point, and they giggled a little too much.
The entry is being used as tool storage and a work space for our many projects.
The family room is getting a big overhaul. The baseboards have been replaced and the shutters and woodwork are all being painted. The slate floor will be removed and replaced with a neutral porcelain tile. We plan on wrapping up the first round of major projects and then we will replace the tile.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hanging with Nanna and Uncle Clint

We went to visit Nana for a few days while we were homeless. Ryland will be staying for a few days, so John Chris and I will have some time to work on the new house.

Uncle Clint was making some deer feeders, and Ryland loved to help out. He is so curious when it comes to putting things together.

It was beautiful outside and nice to sit out and enjoy the fresh air. We drew pictures with sidewalk chalk and played with the dogs.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Saying goodbye

We finished moving the few last minute things out of the house today in the pouring rain. Of course we were completely drenched and worn out. All our of stuff is finally loaded, and our old home is empty.
Saying goodbye to our old place was sad, and I had to keep thinking about how great our new home will be. I just kept telling myself that I will love the new place even more.

Meet the teachers

Ryland has new teachers at school this year. It was a surprise to us, because we were expecting Ms. Nan to move with them to the next class like we were told. I am not sure what happened, but we have 2 new teachers this year. We met Ms. Debbie and Ms. Kerry and look forward to a fun year full of learning and playing.