Monday, May 31, 2010

Fun at the beach

It takes a little while to get everything together, put on sunscreen, and head out to the beach. We were hoping that Ryland would love it today and enjoy playing in the sand. He picked out his Spongebob hat and as long as he had it on, the world was alright.

We played at the shoreline digging in the sand. We would fill the buckets and dump them. We dug holes and made make shift castles.

One of Ryland's favorite things to do was jump over the waves. John Chris and I made a huge deal about the waves coming. We would say "Oh my gosh, here comes a big one". We would all jump over the wave and scream.
We stayed at the Turquoise Place on the 21st floor. It was beautiful with a great view of the beach.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Orange Beach, Alabama

John Chris and I were not sure how Ryland would like the beach. We talked about it before the vacation, and both of us kind of thought he would enjoy it because it was similar to dirt. Ryland loves to play in the dirt and mud at home, so why would this be any different?
When we first stood him up in the sand, he was not happy. He started screaming, so we carried him down to the shoreline and tried again. Since he was closer to the water, he seemed great. The sand was harder, so he could stand up and walk easier.
He loves it! Ryland is a beach boy!
trying to figure out why it is stuck to his hands

He was very intrigued by the sand sticking to him.
We didn't play in the ocean long before a wave got him.

After a fun new experience at the beach, he played with the water hose. Ryland recharged with a small sippy cup of milk, and he was ready to party!

The resort had a huge water slide set up by the pool. We couldn't resist our inner child calling us to it. John Chris and I both tried the slide out first, but then it was time for Ryland to take his turn.

Ryland didn't make it to the end of the slide, but he seemed to like it. He laughed and pointed at it like he wanted to slide again. So he did.

Also by the pool, there was live music. Ryland had to show off his mad dancing skills. He was the only one dancing, but he didn't care. He was moving and a grooving.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ryland's first flight

We left for our family's first summer vacation in Orange Beach today. Lindsey and I flew with Jackson and Ryland to cut out the driving horror. John Chris and Rodney left yesterday and will be in Mobile to pick us up at the airport. I did not know what to expect with Ryland on the plane, but I was pleasantly pleased. He didn't act like his ears hurt, but he wasn't a big fan of being confined to a small area. It was awesome to watch him as the plane took off. He stared out the window and pointed. The flight was only about an hour and a half, but it seemed like an eternity. I did everything I could to keep him entertained and calm. We played with every toy, read every book and magazine, and ate every single animal cracker we had. It was an experience!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Professional climber

Normally when I get a UPS shipment, Ryland is so excited about opening the boxes and pulling everything out. He loves to help empty the boxes, but today he wasn't interested in opening the box. I noticed that he immediately started climbing on the box. He climbed on top and then down. Up and down. Up and down. He had a ton of fun climbing on the one little box.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What a day!

We headed to the local library for story time. The program is targeted for young children that have just started walking. We read a book and then played a few games with a parachute and some balls. Ryland found this stuffed dragon in the corner, and he loved jumping on it.

Ryland might be interested in joining the circus or moving in with the monkeys at the zoo. He has turned into a climber today, and nothing is safe from his reach. He was standing on his 4 wheeler seat, but I couldn't grab the camera in time to catch a picture. I am sure he will do it again, but I did not want to promote the danger.

When Cooper goes to the back door, we know it is time to let him out. Ryland has caught on too. He isn't quite tall enough to turn the doorknob. Yet....

We needed to purchase a life jacket for Ryland before we leave for vacation, so we headed to Bass Pro to try on their selection. Needless to say, Ryland was NOT a fan. He went crazy as soon as we put it on him.

He tried to run down the aisle while trying to pull off the life jacket. He fell down and could not get back up.

Before we could leave Bass Pro, we checked out the huge aquarium. Ryland loved the albino catfish. He just watched in complete awe.
Before Ryland goes to bed, we read a book. Tonight he wanted to read before his bath.

He loves to read Rocky Dog.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New nap mat

Just one more sign that our little boy is growing up. Ryland will start napping on a mat at "school" in June. I have no idea how Ms. Nan will pull this off, but I am anxious to see.
I was going to attempt to make one myself, but I know that I would turn the task into a huge deal, shop for fabric for hours, and over analyze the design. I found this adorable mat on It arrived today, and I am very pleased.
We laid it out on the floor and tried to get Ryland to test it out, but it didn't work. He did enjoy carrying it around. Good luck!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Major OUCH!

I am putting out the trash, and Ryland is playing in the garage. I am down to two more bags, and he starts trying to run out of the garage. I grab him before he falls and explain how he needs to slow down and be careful so he doesn't fall. He starts kicking his legs and trying to throw a fit, so I sit him on the floor. I turn to grab the last bag only to turn around and see him sprinting out of the garage and down the slope in our driveway. It is almost like slow motion. I couldn't get to him fast enough. SPLAT. He face plants right into the concrete. He immediately starts screaming, and I am afraid of what I will see when I pick him up and flip him over.
It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but his head has a scrape and a knot. I carry him inside to show John Chris and Liz. Of course he will not allow us to put ice on it, so what else could we do but start taking pictures.
OK! Enough! I think this is the get that camera out of my face cry.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Main Street Festival

Grapevine was having the annual Main Street Festival this weekend, and we thought it would be fun to take the kiddos out for a look. It was overcast and cloudy when we left the house, but it quickly heated up making outside feel like a sauna. We didn't stay long due to the heat and the lack of vendors that were actually set up. I think we were just a little too early. We will try to come back later this weekend.
This little building was Grapevine's first jail. It is right on Main Street, and we couldn't resist locking up the children.
Ryland, Harker, and Jackson also known as Jailbirds.

Obviously Harker is the smarter one, or both her parents could be attorneys. She bails first.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eye drops

My sweet Ryland loves to go through my nightstand. Every day he gets the remotes, lotion, coaster, polish, and eye drops out of the top drawer. He gives me one item at a time. It is our little game.
Today he was fascinated by the eye drops. He would act like he was going to give them to me, but then he wouldn't.
He hasn't figured out how to snap the lid off yet, but I just know it is coming. He decided they could potentially quench his thirst. Cooper obviously agreed, so he sat close by for his swig. Needless to say the saline drops will find a new home for a little while.


Ryland has been refusing to stay in the child center at the gym. This has been going on for 2 months now, and it is a bit aggravating. We haven't been regulars lately with all that has been going on, but it is time to get back in a routine. He is fine when we walk in the gym, but he looses it when we walk in the child center. He starts crying and screaming. I usually leave him bawling, only to be called back over the speaker 15 to 30 minutes later. I have been very patient, but I was concerned.

I met with the director to discuss what could be going on. Ryland has been going to the child center since he was just a few months old, so it isn't a new place. I think part of the problem is an attachment phase because he definitely is stuck to me here lately. The majority of the staff is the same, but we used to come early in the morning. The only thing that we could come up with is that he wasn't happy coming later in the day. I think a lot of the problem is the evening staff is younger and they don't really get down on the floor and play with the kids. The morning staff is mostly ladies, and they seem to be a little more comforting.

To test out my theory I dropped him off first thing in the morning. 30 minutes goes by, 45 minutes goes by, and then an hour. What do you know? He stayed a whole hour. Yes, I actually was able to work out today. Awesome!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ryland had an appointment with an ENT doctor today. We have been looking forward to this visit, and we were hoping for a positive outcome. The visit went great. Ryland let the doctor look in his ears without a fight, but when it came to looking at his throat, Ryland unleashed the crying beast.
The doctor said tubes would be appropriate and possibly removing of his adenoids. We are scheduled for June 18th. I never thought we would be happy to schedule surgery.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday fun in the water

Ryland meets Jackson's sprinkler. He can't quite figure out what to do and how to get away.
Even though the water is still pretty chilly, the kiddos couldn't help themselves. They had to get in.
Ryland is still loving this little frog splash pool.
We had a great time relaxing and visiting with the Owens. It was so nice out. The perfect way to wrap up a weekend.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fun afternoon

Cooper loves Ryland, and I thought this little moment was too cute. Cooper is napping outside Ryland's room while Ryland takes a nap. Cooper is always the first one to hear the smallest little noise out of Ryland. They love to play together.
Why on Earth does Ryland sleep crammed down at one end turned sideways? Who knows?

Oh no! Someone woke up on the wrong side of the crib.

After Ryland actually woke up, he was in a great mood. He loves to play with the dish towels, and he slings them over his shoulder and helps me clean up any spills.
I am sure this is the only picture I will ever have of Ryland "behind bars". A little note about the plastic golf club he has in his hand - RUN! He doesn't understand how to hit a ball yet, so he smacks everything else in reach.
Back to the towel for a little peek-a-boo before bath time.