Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dragon Baseball Camp

Dragon Baseball Camp is one of Ryland's favorite summer activities.  Reed was old enough to join him this year, and they both had a blast.  This was Coach Hughes' last year before full retirement, so I think he made it extra special.  They worked hard and played hard, but they both agreed that the slip' n slide is the best part.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Girls Day in Dallas

Ridley and I headed to Dallas for a bit of errands.  I had a doctor's appointment and needed to drop off my bracelet, and we decided to make a day out of it.  After my seeing my doctor, I took Ridley on an elevator ride.  The building is 16 stories, and the elevator is glass.  We didn't need to ride it, since my doctor was on the ground floor, but who can say no to a glass elevator.  Up and down.  Up and down.  Ridley was loving every trip.  We made six trips up and down while we giggled.

We headed to Northpark to drop off my bracelet, and Ridley had a blast playing on the planters.  I think every child in Dallas has climbed on these things, and Ridley finally had her turn.  We looked at the art sculptures and counted turtles under the bridge.  We had so much fun.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Sleepover at the Perot Museum

I have been really excited about taking the boys to a sleepover at the Perot.  We were thrilled to get a spot, even though it was right after returning from vacation.  It was a Super Hero themed night, and we all had a great time.  We couldn't help but think about the movie with Ben Stiller.  Would these guys come alive?

My Super Heroes

"Throw the bone!"

We also were treated to a 3D movie.  Overall the night was a great success, and we enjoyed exploring the museum with only a few hundred people.  When it was time to sleep, I got a big uncomfortable, but the boys were happy as could be.  We slept on the dinosaur floor with a great view.  Awesome night with my boys!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


We had an amazing family vacation in Cabo!  The house was great and had an awesome view from the patio and infinity pool.  It was very relaxing to gaze out to the ocean from high on the hill.

The boys loved to fish from the shore.  One evening after dinner, we all headed down to the beach to catch some fish.

Ridley and I got bored quickly, so we started playing photoshoot.

I love this picture!  No filter and such a surprise when I glanced back through the camera roll.  

My boys loved to run from the waves and cheer on their Dad.

The boys spent one afternoon at the kids camp, and they had a great time.  They made pinatas and did face painting.

The crew!

The boys were in a silly mood.  The girls were over it.

Before bed, the kids all piled up in the downstairs den to watch a movie before bed.

The boys went out fishing, so the girls took a tour around the property.  The view from the top of the mountain overlooking the beach was gorgeous.

We blinked, and we were headed back home.  The vacation went by very quickly and was tons of fun.  Everyone is worn out!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Guess who can find even the smallest areas of mud and somehow get covered in less than 10 seconds?  Reed.  I love how Ridley is watching from the side. She wasn't fooling me.  I ran to catch her before I had two muddy piggies.