Monday, November 30, 2009

Mom's ride is ready

The second week I had my new SUV, I ran into the garage wall and scuffed up the front bumper. This seems like it has become a terrible habit of mine. This makes the 3rd time for me, and I don't know what my problem is. We had the front bumper repaired, and it is ready to be picked up. Thank the Lord!
After driving home from Louisiana last night, I realized how much I love the DVD player. It is normally a 4 hour trip, but due to massive rain, holiday traffic, and several wrecks the trip took us about 5 and half hours. At one point Ryland was having a complete meltdown, John Chris was yelling, and I was crying. There we were packed in a truck with all of our stuff in the cab, so it would not get soaked, completely stopped on the interstate, Cooper in my lap, rain pouring down, and Ryland having a fit.
I would have given anything for that darn DVD player! Anything!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crazy chickens

We took a little look at the chickens as they were getting fed. They crack Ryland up. John Chris makes a chicken noise, and he just starts laughing. Now when he gets a little fussy, we both start clucking.

Happy 60th birthday

We traveled to Louisiana to celebrate Randy's 60th birthday. We had a great time visiting and catching up, and it was nice to slow down a little. I took a few shots of Ryland playing in the grass. He loved picking up the leaves and talking all about them.
I wish I could understand what he was saying.
"oh, you crunchy leaf. How do you taste?"

A kiss from Whody
Ryland's first 4wheeler ride.
Poor Doodle. Somehow he always gets mistaken for a pony or a horse. Ryland loves to ride on Doodle's back.
The boys like to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather!

Cooper loves to chase the frisbee. I swear you could never throw it enough times for him to give up. He is totally focused on fetching it over and over.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

We started Black Friday with a huge breakfast at Cracker Barrell with the family. Uncle Clint and Aunt Kristi got off work at 7 AM, so we met them for breakfast. Grandma Bobby was able to meet us and get to hold Ryland.

After breakfast mom and I ran to a few stores to due a little shopping. We ventured into Kohls and racked up on toys for Ryland at 50% off! I think Nanna must have told him, because he can't stop smiling.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Visit to Clint's fire station

Uncle Clint was on duty this Thanksgiving, so we stopped by the fire station to visit. It was really cute to see him and Ryland interact and play. Putting on the fireman's uniform
Ryland did not care for the helmet. This is the only picture I was able to snap before he slung it off.

Ryland loved the fire engine. He would talk, scream, and beat on the glass. He had a blast.
What is scarier than Uncle Clint driving a fire engine? Ryland driving one.

Great times and memories at the fire station. Uncle Clint is our hero.

Downtown photos

We recently had professional family pictures taken, but we were missing Cooper. Our photo Christmas card needed a photo of us all, so we made a trip downtown to take a couple shots. We took several pictures very quickly because it was cold and windy. We found an old church that made for a perfect backdrop. Not bad photography for amatuers.
3 generation picture of me, my mom, and Ryland
Me and Ryland
John Chris and Cooper
Me and the boys.
John Chris and Ryland. I LOVE this picture!
A candid shot I snapped of the grandparents watching Ryland.

Happy Thanksgiving

Of course Ryland could not have the turkey and dressing, so he had a delicious bowl of sweet potatoes.

As I stop to think of the many, many things I am thankful for this year, I can't help thinking about those that are less fortunate. After a discussion with John Chris, we decided to do some sort of volunteering on future Thanksgivings. We really want our son and future kids to understand and appreciate what they have, and we want them to have a kind heart and a helping hand.

A very thankful Thanksgiving in 2009!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

8 month pictures

Ryland had his monthly pictures taken today. It is hard to believe he is already 8 months old. He is growing up right before our eyes.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Another fun toy

Ryland is loving this new play table. Ella has outgrown this toy, so we get to enjoy it for a little while. Ryland is not quite strong enough to stand up on his own, so he plays sitting down unless I am helping him. He loves all of the noise and colors. His girlfriend, Ella, has hooked him up again. Much thanks!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Girls' Nght at the Russian Nutcracker

I have been looking forward to visiting with the girls and getting out at night. It is a funny thing, since Ryland has joined us I am never out of the house in the evening. Chanda, Corrine, Mandy, and myself went to the Russian Nutcracker at the Majestic. It is an old theatre downtown Dallas that is very vintage. It was a lot of fun to dress up and step back in time, even though my feet were killing me due to high heels.
The ballet production was good, and it got me in the holiday spirit. Chanda goes every year, and I hope to joining her in the tradition!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


After a morning of fun, we headed over to Chimy's for a quick visit with Uncle MoMo. Ryland loved sitting outside and people watching. He was mesmerised by the straws and bottles.

Cheese! Ryland was starting to wear down. Time for a nap!
Ryland and Uncle MoMo like to hang out. Ryland is a chick magnet, and Uncle MoMo enjoys Ryland's leftovers.
These boys chew on the same straw. Yuck!

Rahr Brewery

We visited Rahr Brewery in Ft. Worth this afternoon, and it was very cool. It is an actual working brewery that opens to the public every Saturday afternoon. They had live music, great brisket sandwiches, and lots of beer. Since I don't drink beer, I will have to take their word that it is tasty!

Brad and Chanda with the souvenir glasses.

Me and Ry
Ryland drifted off to sleep in Chanda's arms. She already knows the momma swing!

Naked nap

Ryland was in his crib taking a nap when John Chris and I heard some noises. We looked at the baby monitor and noticed Ryland was waking up. Then we realize, he is naked. What happened to his diaper?
He had enough of his diaper, so he took it off. Silly boy! Next time we will put some pants on that child.
He can't quite pull up on his own, but he can hold it once we help him out. I just know the day is coming soon that I walk in and see this.

Breakfast with Santa

We had our first family Christmas event today. We went to Southlake's annual breakfast with Santa. Ryland did great with Santa and did not scream or cry. Above is his good boy picture, and the one below is his bad boy picture.
Notice the sly grin.

Ryland was a little iffy of Rudolph.
but he loved Frosty! Especially Frosty's nose. He tried hitting it and pulling it off.
Apparently Ryland loves Mercedes Benz convertibles. I don't know where his luxurious taste comes from, but he will be a little disappointed with his first real car. One of the local dealerships was raffling off this little electric car, and it gets a million miles to the gallon.
Beep. Beep. Aggressive driver coming through.
And of course this is his "hey ladies, wanna ride" expression.
Riding in the sleigh
Ryland is over it at this point. No more pictures!