Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trip to urgent care

Ryland has gotten worse, so we headed to Premier Urgent Care. It always seems like we are dealing with illness on a weekend or Wednesdays when the pediatrician closes early. Ryland is usually not very happy about going to the doctor, but he completely gave in today.

He is still running a fever and is extremely irritable. It seems like tonsillitis again, but he also has a little runny nose and a pink yucky eye. The doctor did a strep test, and it came back negative. He went ahead and prescribed an antibiotic while we wait on a throat culture to come back later this week. Until then we will also continue with motrin, eye drops, and lots of holding and hugs.

Reed's 4 month photos

I finally got Reed's 4 month pictures back. It seems like it took forever this time. He was the normal happy and giggly baby for this series of photos too. He smiled and posed like a professional. He wasn't sitting up on his own yet, but it didn't stop him from trying.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Mom gear"

I laid down on the floor beside Reed while John Chris browsed the shower pictures on the camera. Ryland loves the camera, so he wanted to look as well. He was quick to take a fast picture and this is the shot he captured. My sweet Reed has a hand full of my hair and not letting go. I quickly remember why my hair is always pulled back. Well, it was nice to dress up and visit with the girls, but now it is time to get back in "mom gear".

Chanda's baby shower

Baby Roscoe will be arriving soon, so it was time to shower Chanda.

The girls met for an afternoon of visiting and treats.

The treats!

The diaper cake and party invitation.

I would like to thank my awesome assistants for helping creating such a masterpiece. :)

Chanda and two of the young party girls.

Everyone loves baby gifts.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sick in the summer

Ryland has caught something nasty. He is running a fever, coughing, and has lots of thick snot. I immediately thought it was tonsilitis again when I noticed the fever. The snot tells me it is something different. We spent a lot of time relaxing, watching tv, and cuddling.

Today isn't exactly what we had planned. We were supposed to be running around on the field at Cowboys Stadium. Yes, on the field. What two little boys wouldn't love to play on an awesome football field? I had envisioned this adorable picture of them sitting on the star in their matching navy Polos. Instead, I have this picture. They do look adorable!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On a mission

I was getting ready to feed Reed a bottle when Ryland asked for something to drink, I sat the bottle and burp cloth down with Reed and grabbed some juice for Ryland. When I came back to Reed, he was grunting in attempt to drink the bottle from sitting on the sofa. I grabbed the camera in an attempt to capture this silly moment. There was no stopping this mission. He wanted that bottle and was going to get it.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Family date night

Since John Chris and I don't get many date nights any more, we loaded up the boys for a family date night. We had a delicious dinner at Stir Crazy, complete with the best dessert I have tasted in a while. It was nice to visit and catch up on the day without having to cook. I like family date nights.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Ryland has been talking about goggles lately. Every time we get in the pool, he says he needs goggles because the water burns his eyes. While we were at Walmart I found some children's goggles and purchased them for him. He was all about putting them on inside.
He was pretty bummed when we told him it wasn't time to go swimming. The tears started filling his new goggles. Life is so terrible!

John Chris put on the extra pair that came in the package. Ryland thought this was amusing and wanted to get right up close to his daddy.

The goofy goggle boys.

Notice Ryland's clothes? We had been drawing with markers and having fun. The mess quickly got away from us.

I had slipped out of sight in an attempt to put Reed down for a nap, but the goggles helped Ryland find me. You can't hide, mommy!

Before I knew it, Ryland had found the paint sprayer attachment. He thought it was so cool and wanted to show me. It was really cool until he dropped it and the valve broke off.

Oooops. Should have put your toys up when you were finished playing, daddy.

Reed's Ziggy

My grandmother sent an adorable plush zebra to Reed after he came home from the hospital. We named it Ziggy, and he has recently started playing with it.
Reed's play is really chewing on something, so Ziggy's ear was perfect.

I just love this look. He is such a sweetheart!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Climbing the cabinets

Ryland was on a rampage today. He was into everything. I grabbed the camera to get a picture of him in my heels attempting to dribble a basketball. When I turned back around, he had kicked off the shoes, lost the ball, and was climbing the cabinets. Really?

I asked him what he was doing and just laughed. He is a silly boy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My assistants

I am so lucky to have three dedicated assistants. They are always right there to help with whatever project I am working on that day. Today I was working on a diaper cake for an upcoming baby shower. I needed to finish rolling the diapers, so I could start assembling the cake later this week.
I would roll the diapers. Ryland would hand me a rubber band. After I wrapped the diaper, I handed the diaper to Ryland. He would then strategically place the diaper in its specific place.

As we worked on this project, we talked about who it was for and the occasion. He was extremely chatty about Brad and Chanda having a baby. I asked him if he was excited about meeting their baby soon, and he informed me that he already had a baby. I tried to explain, but he continued to tell me "no mommy, baby Reed".

We finished rolling all the diapers today, and we will work on assembly later this week. This project is sure to be remembered. I am so lucky to have such wonderful helpers.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

At the movies

I thought we would give the movies another try. The local theater was showing Shrek this week, so we headed out for some popcorn and fun. We bought some snacks and found the perfect seats. Reed went to sleep in about 30 minutes, and Ryland was really into the movie. Right as the ogres were about to start their revolution, Ryland stood up and informed me that he was ready to go home. I asked him about 10 times as we gathered our things if he was sure he wanted to leave. He continued to tell me he was ready to go home. As we walked out of the theater to our truck, Ryland said "no mommy, shrek". He had decided to stay. Oh geeze! Why do I even try? Needless to say, we headed home.


The boys were playing in the floor in the master bedroom when I overhead a little fussing. I asked what was wrong, Ryland said that Reed was pulling his hair and grabbing him. I explained that Reed wasn't trying to be mean, and he was just trying to tickle him.
Ryland decided that he would tickle Reed. He jumped around and started a tickle attack. They were both laughing out loud and giggling. It was the cutest thing.

And just like that, everything was good again. I love watching their relationship develop. I know I will have many moments of the fighting in the future, but I cherish the sweet little moments.

Monday, July 18, 2011

New windows

The new windows are in, and they are being installed tomorrow. I am thrilled beyond words. These hideous windows have bothered me since we purchased the house months ago. We gathered estimates of replacing the glass, and it was harsh. We elected to go ahead and install new energy efficient windows instead of the glass replacement. It cost us more, but we really wanted to get more energy benefits. We replaced the 4 in the family room, Ryland's room, and the 2 in the game room. If they make a big difference in energy conservation we are planning on replacing all of them. Needless to say, I was happy to say bye, bye.
Yuck, I have kept the plantations shutters closed on these back windows to avoid looking at the nasty mess.

Beautiful!!!!!! I am beyond words right now. I just love the clean, crisp glass. Hooray!

This is the view from the outside before the replacement.

This is the new view. Don't they look amazing! I am sad that we had to hold off on our Anguilla vacation, but the gorgeous things might just be worth it!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Snorkeling in the hot tub

John Chris pulled out the snorkeling gear to show Ryland. He understands the goggles, but the snorkel threw him for a loop. John Chris explained that it lets you breath under water, but Ryland thought it was more about blowing bubbles.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Afternoon fun

One of our new favorite places to play is Reed's room. Ryland is drawn to Reed's basket of baby toys and loves to empty the basket in the floor. I told him that he can play with Reed's toys, but he has to show Reed how to play with them. Ryland is really great about showing the toys to Reed and telling him what they are. I ran to grab the camera and capture the fun moment. I know it looks like just a bunch of toys on the floor, but the boys are all there.
When Ryland saw the camera, he decided it was time to play photographer. He started snapping a few shots. This is the floor shot of Reed, Cooper, and some toys.

The toy basket, camera strap, and part of a soft animal book.

I asked him to take some pictures of me and baby Reed.

Mommy and Reed posing for a photo.

Mommy reading Reed a book.

Mommy showing Reed a rattle.

Thanks Ryland for snapping some great shots. You proved that I really do exist, at least partially.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tree house

Our play group met at a church in north Ft. Worth to play in their indoor tree house. The church has a large open area about 2 or 3 stories tall that has a huge play area. It is shaped like a massive tree house with places to climb and slides to get back down. It was a little over Ryland's ability to climb without assistance, so he played in the younger kiddo area most of the morning.

I think this little tractor had something to do with the liking of the little play area. It was about 85 degrees in this room, but Ryland was having a blast "working".

Sunday, July 10, 2011


One of the best times at our house is bedtime. We give the boys a bath, put on pjs, and have a little fun before bed. Some nights we read a book and other nights we play jump in the bean bean. Obviously tonight Reed was ready to go to sleep, and Ryland was ready to play a little longer.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Meeting Mattison

Suzanne, one of my friends from back home, was in Lewisville over the weekend visiting with friends. She came over with her daughter, Mattison, to meet the boys and catch up. Mattison is absolutely adorable, and Ryland was smitten immediately.
He was thrilled to sit beside her at dinner and having her sit beside him at home gave him the giggles.

Ryland and Matti played really well together and had fun destroying the playroom.

The fun lasted late into the night, and it was wonderful to chat and visit. The kiddos had a great night, and Ryland woke up asking about Mattison. "Mommy, where's Mattison?" I am not exaggerating when I say he asked 100 times.