Sunday, January 29, 2017

Medieval Times

Instead of gifts for Christmas this year, we decided to start doing fun family experiences with the Brashears given to each other.  This year we picked Medieval Times for an awesome night of fun.  We had fantastic seats on the front row in the center.  Ryland, Reed, and Benton loved cheering for black and white knight.  It was awesome seeing them get into it!

Emory cheered on our knight, and he stopped to throw her a beautiful carnation.  This made Ridley extremely jealous, and she started pouting.

The knight came back around two more times and did not throw Ridley a flower, so she was upset.  The knight then presented a ribbon to one lucky lady in the crowd, and he selected Ridley.  By this point, she was so pissed.  She wouldn't slide the ribbon off the joust stick.  I slid it off, and she traded it for Emory's carnation.  Hahaha!  Girls! 

We had a wonderful night, and we all agree this was better than purchasing gifts for one another's children.  What will we do next year?

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