Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sleeper Sofa Drama

We have been getting ready to celebrate Ridley's birthday, so we had a few extra things to do around the house.  John Chris was out of town, so we had to get creative.
I want everyone to be comfortable and have a space to sleep, so I purchased a sleeper sofa.  I was thrilled that it came in time.  The only issue is how to get it home and upstairs, ready to use.  I rented a truck at Home Depot, which really upset Ridley.  She did not like the work truck. 
I drove to the store, helped load the sofa, and then drove home.  I was racing the rain that was starting to fall as I unloaded the heavy sofa and pushed it in the garage.  I then had to take the truck back and pick our truck up.

If all that wasn't enough.  I had to figure out a way to get the sofa upstairs to the loft.  I had two strong boys help me carry it up, all while being on the edge of throwing my back out.  Good news, we made it.  The sofa is comfortable and ready for someone to get a goodnight's sleep.  

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